June 7, 2023

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Medical Center for a Misdiagnosis 100,000 Dirhams – UAE – Accidents and Cases

The negligence of the doctor working in the emergency department of a private medical center and the failure to conduct medical examinations to determine the extent of the injury suffered by a young man while playing football caused physical problems, thus making the young man unable to exercise for more than 6 months.

Defendants first ordered the court to pay the victim compulsory compensation of a total of 100,000 dirhams for all material and moral damages and to pay the costs and fees of the case.

In detail, a young man filed a lawsuit in Al Ain First Court, a medical center and the treating physician (defendants) jointly obliged to pay him (150,000) dirhams, material and moral compensation, and 9% interest and full payment from the date of the verdict, as well as Up to fees and expenses and attorney fees.

After explaining his case, he went to the emergency department (first defendant) after he had a leg and ligament injury, and the doctor (second defendant) was called in to treat him, but the doctor neglected to treat him, which led to the dislocation of the foot and the inability to walk normally , As well as persistent pain.

The Medical Responsibility Committee proved the error of the treating physician (second respondent) and caused damages due to negligence and incompatibility with health care, which prompted him to file a case with the above claims. Support for his claim, a copy of the report of the Medical Liability Committee and a copy of the medical report issued by a hospital.

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