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Scientific Promises .. Florona and Deltacron Raise Terror, But!


The use of the terms “fluorona” and “deltacron” has spread in recent times, but what exactly do they mean, and are they considered scientifically accurate terms?

The US WKYC channel hosted doctors from Ohio hospitals to answer this questionShine more light on these ideas.

Simultaneous fever and goiter

Dr. Daniel Rhodes, head of the microbiology department at the Cleveland Clinic, says “Florona” is a term used to describe a patient’s condition. He has fever and Govt-19 at the same timeHe explained that none of the “fluorona” infections had appeared to be significant, adding that “covid’s basically covered the flu last winter, so there was no flu season last winter. But there have been some flu cases in the current season. , It happens sometimes.


Although it is possible to get both influenza and goiter at the same time, they do not combine to form a new virus or strain, Dr. Rhodes said, noting that “they are just two infections at once.”

Dr. is a pediatric epidemiologist in Ohio. Amy Edwards said the word “fluorona” was so enticing that she was often surprised to see patients with more than one infection at the same time.

Dr. Edwards said: “Co-infections are very common and have been a medical condition since ancient times. For example, in pediatrics, we often see children with respiratory viral infections in conjunction with rhinovirus infections.”

He explained that the diagnosis depends on the clinical situation of each patient individually and to determine if there is any type of infection and in most cases, the combined infection may go unnoticed.



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The term “deltacron”

The term “deltacron” refers to Infection with a combination of delta and omigron variablesDr. David Marcoleus, director of general internal medicine at Metro Health Hospital, said the notion that the two variables combined would be a completely new variant was not correct.

“It is possible for an individual to have a delta variant and an omega variant, but the two viruses do not combine to form a new type of virus mutation,” Dr. Marcoleus said.

Do not worry

“People need to be reassured that it is very common for people to be infected with two respiratory viruses at the same time, and that should not add to the concern,” he added.

Dr. Rhodes, for his part, said there were still questions to be answered about what a “deltacron” was, stressing that the case was still being researched and researched.

“There is little doubt as to what it is,” he believes, adding that “a hybrid or combination of two types of SARS-CoV-2, namely Delta and Omigron, may be the result of somehow creating a new strain. Just a technical error, so to speak.” “.



There is no new virus

Dr. Rhodes explained, “For example, if a person has an infection involving delta and omigran variants, perhaps if that sort is sorted, both will appear separately, but it can be misunderstood as a new gene, in fact it is only two species, each with separate gene sequences.”

Dr. Margolius commented that because of the current testing and analysis method, it is not even known if both types exist because the patient is in a “maintenance state”. [وتقديم العلاج بالمستشفى]The variables are not tested because testing for variants is done in a private laboratory, but in hospitals the test is only for flu if the corona virus is positive or negative or swabbed for flu.

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Social media

In conclusion, the three doctors agreed that it was not possible to get information from social media and that if there was any controversy or concern, health centers could be contacted to clarify the matter.

Dr. Edwards advised that all advances can be found from the trusted websites and official accounts of the World Health Organization, regional organizations and government agencies in each country.

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