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World Cup 2022 Qualification: Japan renews confidence, Saudi Arabia returns with full score, and Lebanon return to competition



World Cup 2022 Qualification: Japan renews confidence, Saudi Arabia returns with full score, and Lebanon return to competition


South Korean striker Son Hyung-min (center) controls the ball during his team’s match against Iran in the first Asian qualifier for the 2022 World Cup to be held in Qatar on October 12, 2021 at the Azadi Stadium in Tehran.

Japan renewed hopes of Qatar reaching the 2022 World Cup, with a hard-fought 2-1 victory over Australia in the second group match, with Saudi Arabia leading 3-2 at the expense of China in the fourth round. Asian Qualifiers on Tuesday.
Lebanon, on the other hand, came back strong after beating its Syrian opponent 3-2, while Iran drew 1-1 with South Korea to retain the top spot in Group A.
In the first match, Japan advanced through O Tanaka in the eighth minute, Australia equalized through Eden Hrostik (70), but Australia’s Aziz Behich mistakenly scored a goal in his team’s goal to give Japan three valuable points.
The Japanese team started the previous rounds with 11 consecutive World Cup qualifiers, winning eight consecutive matches for its Australian team.
Australia beat Oman 3-1 in the previous round to break the previous record of 10 wins by Mexico, Spain and Germany in the 2006, 2010 and 2018 finals respectively.
The samurai team played the match knowing full well that any decision other than winning would mark the first non-international wedding opportunity since 1994.
Australia’s draw was frozen at 9 points in second place, while Japan lifted its draw to fourth place by 6 points, after Vietnam’s 3-1 win, to third place with six points after Oman.
The Saudi team topped the group after successfully defeating its Chinese host 3-2.
The “Green” triple was scored by Sami al-Naji (15 and 38), and Fras al-Brykhan (72), while Alocio dos Santos added for China (46) and Wu Ji second (87).
Al-Akhtar raised his score to 12 points from 4 matches, with the full score, China was fifth to last with his previous score of 3 points.

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Iran is in the lead

In Group A, Iran drew 1-1 with hosts South Korea at the Azadi Stadium in Tehran.
The Korean team advanced in the 49th minute through Tottenham star Son Hyung Min and Iran equalized through Alireza Jahanpaksh (76).
With this draw, Iran retained the top spot with 10 points from four matches, 8 points for South Korea, two points for Emirates, Lebanon and one match for Iraq and Syria.

Rice team wins

The Lebanese national team entered the competition line strongly for one of the qualifying cards for the first group after its Syrian host won its first victory 3-2 at the “King Abdullah II” ground in Quizme, the capital of Jordan. Goddess.
He scored for Syria Omar Griffin (20) and Omar al-Soma (65), and for Lebanon, Mohammed Kaduh (45 + 1 and 45 + 4), and Hassan “Soni” Chad (53).
This is the fifth victory of the “Cedar Men” team against their Syrian counterpart, compared to 14 defeats and six tracks.
The Czech coach for the Lebanese national team, Ivan Hashek, suffered greatly due to the lack of influence, especially with the suspension of defender Qasim al-Jean and center player George Melki, who were forced to involve players other than coaching positions. Occupying the left-back position was “Sonny”, and Muhammad Haider became accustomed to them as a key player, and he relied on attacking Gaddafi as a spear, and his three successors, Basil Zardi, “Sonny” Chad and Hassan Madouk.
Syrian coach Nisar Mahras’ elements were complete as he attacked Kirbin and al-Soma and behind them Mahmoud al-Mawas, as well as midfielders Mohammad Othman and Ayas Uthman, who withdrew from the conflict in the south. Due to a Korean administrative error.
– Disappointing tie for Emirates and Iraq- Emirates and its Iraqi guest failed to win the fourth match in a row, and they were eliminated in a disappointing but exciting 2-2 draw at Al-Wasl Stadium in Dubai.
Kayo Kanedo (33) and Ali Mabgout (90 + 3) scored Emirates goals, while Mohammed al-Attas (74 own goal) and Ayman Hussein (89) scored two goals for Iraq.
The technical clash between Dutch coaches Bert van Marwijk (UAE) and Dick Advocate (Iraq) ended without a winner or loser, but of course they each intensified the third draw against defeat.
The owner of the land opened the scoring after a fantastic pass from Majeed Hassan to Abdullah Hassan and from him to Kayo Canado, who crossed the guard Ali Faiz and then fired into the net of Fahad Talib (33).
Iraq’s pressure ended in a crossroads from substitute Ayman al-Mamari’s first touch with Emirates defender al-Attas.
It was Iraq’s first goal after three matches, and its strikers were unable to hit the net.
Advocate’s substitutes won again after Alava Mihawi hit the ball to Ayman Hussein in a powerful shot (89), just before the end of regulation time with the “Rafidain Lions” scoring a goal.
Excitement continued after Mapcout equalized for Emirates in the third minute of stoppage time in the second half.
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Taking place in the “House of Horrors”… A fateful clash for Galatasaray’s stronghold Manchester United | game



Taking place in the “House of Horrors”… A fateful clash for Galatasaray’s stronghold Manchester United |  game

He returns to “hell” tomorrow, 30 years after leaving the Ali Sami Yen Stadium in Istanbul, carrying behind him the disappointment of one of the worst nights in Manchester United’s history of being knocked out of the Champions League. Turkey’s Galatasaray is an exceptional fixture, and another he is trying to avoid going out on.

United enter the competition sitting bottom of Group One, so their campaign could end prematurely if they lose again to the Turkish side, who shocked them by beating them 2-3 at home in the second round.

On November 3, 1993, the “Red Devils” were eliminated from the continental competition (3-3 in the first leg), after being satisfied, they would meet in the fifth and final round. A goalless draw at the club’s Turkish stronghold.

United, coming off a campaign that led to the Premier League title at the time, were hoping to make their first run in the competition longer since 1969, even after settling for a draw at home.

Galatasaray fans usually turn their castle into hell for the visiting team (Getty)

But he did not expect to live in “hell” in Istanbul before his players set foot on the field, with thousands of Galatasaray fans greeting him at the airport with hostile chants and a highly visible banner reading “Welcome to hell”.

United’s manager at the time, Scottish legend Alex Ferguson, described the intimidation he and his players suffered as “the worst hostility and harassment I have ever experienced in my life”.

But United, clearly affected by the volcanic atmosphere at the Ali Sami Yen Stadium, failed to achieve the desired result and Galatasaray equalized as it was only the beginning of the dream. Difference.

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As was the case before and during the match, the result was chaotic, with French star Eric Cantona hit with a baton by a Turkish policeman after he was sent off after the final whistle.

“Tea Party”

United midfielder Bryan Robson tried to save Cantona when he fell on the concrete stairs leading to the dressing room, injuring his arm and requiring 6 stitches.

United midfielder Paul Ince spoke of what he and his teammates experienced that evening, saying, “There was incredible hatred. Even the police started fighting us. I remember one of the police officers hitting Eric on the head.”

For another United player, Gary Pallister, the atmosphere of United’s matches at Anfield, the home of their local rivals Liverpool, seemed like a “tea party” compared to what they experienced at home to Galatasaray.

Stones were thrown at the United bus as it left the stadium, leaving a shocked Ferguson shouting “I don’t want to go there again”.

But he had to return there a year later to meet the Turkish side in the group stage, and he failed to find the net again, settling for a goalless draw, which later contributed to the start of his career by finishing third in the group. Behind Gothenburg, Sweden and Barcelona, ​​Spain.

Galatasaray is a “house of terror” for United, who have failed to win on three visits to the Turkish side’s home ground, the last of which was a clean sheet in the group stage in November 2012.

Despite the closure of the Ali Sami Yen Stadium in 2010, visiting the banks of the Bosphorus remains one of the most difficult tasks in European football.

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There is no doubt that Galatasaray’s fans will be no less excited than they were 30 years ago, especially since the team will play Bayern Munich until the quarter-finals of the continental championship, a difficult task on Wednesday in front of more than 52 thousand spectators who will face United very much. .

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Al Hilal hosts Saudi Arabia champions Uzbekistan to secure AFC Champions League lead



Al Hilal hosts Saudi Arabia champions Uzbekistan to secure AFC Champions League lead

Arafa al-Daba wrote

Tuesday, November 28, 2023 at 01:00 AM

The group resolves crescent moon In the 2024 AFC Champions League, Saudi Arabia host Uzbek side Navpakor Namangan this evening, Tuesday evening.

As part of the fifth round of the group stage of the AFC Champions League in the current season 2023, the match between Al Hilal Saudi Arabia and Uzbekistan will be played at the Central Stadium today at 6 pm Cairo time. 2024.

Tonight’s clash will witness a strong battle between the Saudi side and Uzbekistan’s Nafpakor to clinch the top spot in Group Four after both teams qualified earlier.

Al Hilal finished top of group four with 10 points and qualified for the round of 16, drawing with Nawpakhor and after beating Nezaji and Mumbai in the previous three rounds, Nawpakhor finished second with the same number of points. Two teams qualify for the Round of 16.

On the other hand, Nasaji and Mumbai teams are officially out of the Asian Championships after finishing third and fourth with 3 points and 0 respectively.

Al Hilal will look to continue their winning streak after securing a crucial 2-0 win over India’s Mumbai City FC in the fourth round of the group stage of the AFC Champions League 2023 in a match that pits the two teams against each other. 2024, so Al-Jaeem punched a ticket to qualify for the round of 16 of the tournament.

Al-Jaeem will be heading into tonight’s clash after a recent big win against Al-Hazm with a 9-0 scoreline in the match that brought them together at the King Abdullah Sports City Stadium in the 14th round of the Saudi Professional. League competition.

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WATCH.. Al-Ittihad Saudi qualifies for AFC Champions League final, Ronaldo spurns penalty kick in his favor | game



WATCH.. Al-Ittihad Saudi qualifies for AFC Champions League final, Ronaldo spurns penalty kick in his favor |  game


Saudi Al-Ittihad qualified for the quarter-finals of the AFC Champions League after Abdul Razak Hamdallah scored two goals in four first-half minutes to beat Uzbekistan’s AGMK 2-1.

Coach Marcelo Gallardo’s side reached 12 points in the third group, ensuring a place in the knockout round before the end of the group stage.

Hamdallah opened the scoring for Al-Ittihad after half an hour, leveling the score at 2-0 in the 34th minute.Martin Poggi scored the home team’s lone goal with 12 minutes to go.

Al-Ittihad started the match strongly and Karim Benzema had two tries but his shots were inaccurate before teammate Saleh Al-Amri fired over the crossbar midway through the first half.

From a run towards goal, the Moroccan striker fired a low shot from a tight angle that went between the legs of goalkeeper Walijun Rahimov.

Al-Ittihad scored the second goal after Muhannad Al-Shanqidi sent in a low pass, Hamdallah turning into the net with a touch.

Bakhturian Kasimov had a shot from long range that was blocked by Al-Ittihad goalkeeper Abdullah Al-Mayuf at the end of the first half, before he controlled a shot from Singer Darsunov after the break.

Although Al-Ittihad were in control, Tursunov shot a low ball in front of Al-Muyouf and Pokki turned it into the net to reduce the deficit.

Hassan Khadish squandered Al-Ittihad’s best chance before the referee blew the final whistle.

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AGMK were last in the group without a point.

Ronaldo rejects the penalty kick in his favour

In Group Five, Al-Nasr Saudi Arabia – who lead the group with 13 points – qualified for the Asian Champions League quarter-finals despite a goalless draw with second-placed Iran Peruzzi on eight.

The match saw a rare incident on the pitch, where hero Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo (Al-Nasr’s top scorer) was awarded a penalty kick by the referee in the second minute of the match, but he rejected it.

During Peruzzi’s struggle to hold the ball inside the penalty area, Ronaldo fell to the ground and, amid protests from the players, the referee reluctantly awarded a penalty kick to Al-Nasr. But surprisingly, the Portugal star went over. The referee told him it wasn’t a penalty kick, so the assistant decided to call it off after the video referee went back to the technology.

Ronaldo was substituted due to injury 4 days before facing Al Hilal in the Saudi Professional League.

Ronaldo appeared in pain after a heavy collision with goalkeeper Alireza Branand early in the second half and signaled his coach to replace Mohamed Maran in the 77th minute despite finishing the match normally.

Al-Nasr played with ten men from the 17th minute after team defender Ali Laghami was sent off after a strong tackle in midfield on Milat Sarlak.

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Coach Luis Castro was forced to make an early change after the relegation, replacing Sami Al Naji with Mohamed Al Fathil as a defender.

In the 52nd minute, Shehab Zahedi, who received the ball inside the penalty area and fired into the net, disallowed a goal for the visitors due to offside.

Al-Duhail Qatar wins

Also in Group E, Kenyan striker Michael Olunga scored two second-half goals as Al-Tuhail beat hosts Istiqlal of Tajikistan 2-0 as the Qatari side secured their first win in Asia’s group stage. Champions League.

Al-Tuhail of Qatar defeated its guests Esteghlal of Tajikistan (Al-Tuhail Club)

Coach Christophe Galtier’s side lifted their score to 4 points and are third in the group, 8 points behind leaders Al-Nasr.

Al-Tuhail played with 10 men after defender Ruben Semedo was sent off in the third minute of the game for blocking a visitor’s player while running towards goal.

Al-Tuhail will finish the group stage matches away from home against Peruzzi, while Esteghlal will host their opponents Al-Nasr.

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