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Microsoft is testing a “power saving” mode for Windows 11 laptops and PCs


Saturday, December 2, 2023 03:00 AM

You do the test Microsoft The Power Saver mode in the latest Windows 11 internal build, which will help users extend the battery life of their laptops, is available to Canary Channel Insiders who have installed Windows 11 Insider Preview build 26002.

Power saving mode is available on both desktop and laptop computers (even when connected), and it works the same way as battery saving mode. However, this feature prioritizes power conservation by sacrificing some system performance, as it has battery saving capabilities that help extend battery life by reducing power usage and some system performance.

This power-saving mode can be accessed through the system’s Quick Settings menu, and users can set it to turn on automatically when the device’s battery level reaches a certain point. Additionally, this mode can be configured to work even when the device is connected. A power source for desktop users who want to reduce their energy bill.

Microsoft also introduced power-saving features for the Xbox series, replacing 10-15 watts in standby mode.

According to Microsoft’s Amanda Langowski and Brandon LeBlanc, this mode is optimized to extend battery life while giving users the option to save power at all times. Although this mode can reduce some system performance, it’s the easiest option, they said. Extend the battery life of your device.

If you’re not yet enrolled in the Windows 11 Insider Program, you can extend your PC’s battery life even further with the built-in Battery Saver feature. This mode temporarily disables power-intensive processes such as automatic email and calendar synchronization, Live Tile, etc. Updates and unsupported apps. Active.

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How to Enable Battery Saver in Windows 11

To enable Battery Saver, go to Start > Settings > System > Power & Battery. From there, you can choose to activate the battery saver automatically when your battery reaches a certain level by selecting a custom level next to “Automatically turn on battery saver.”

Microsoft recommends adjusting the active display duration, lowering screen brightness, changing your app’s background activity settings, choosing a more efficient power mode, or turning on airplane mode if you don’t need wireless connections.

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