December 5, 2022

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أحمد حسام ميدو

Mido: Mohammed Salah is better than me, I’m in dire financial straits after my retirement | News

Egyptian football star Ahmed Hossam Mido has admitted that he failed to maintain his status as a footballer despite the technical qualifications required to achieve this.

During a compilation of “Kalam Al-Nass” presented by Yasmin Ez Media, MBC Egypt Media, Mido said: “Mohammed Salah I certainly won in one of the failures, I reached a certain level of playing, but I could not maintain for many years.”

He added: Mohamed Salah was able to reach the highest level in football and be at his level, which is a very difficult thing for a footballer.

In answer to a question, do you feel sad or proud when you follow Mohamed Salah? He said: I have never felt depressed by another player in my entire life, and I was the first player to go abroad professionally at the age of 16, and Mohamed Salah was the best, of course, but there was no comparison between my journey. And him.


He continued: The journey of my life was completely different and not limited to football, and I learned a lot from it, developing my personality and the things I send to my children, including revealing difficult financial situations after my retirement. I played for 4 or 5 years for free in West Ham or Jamalek.


It is noteworthy that Mido, who attended “The Game 2” last year, has appeared in two series, “Sounds in Arabic” and “Work in the High” and is participating in the current Ramadan season.

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