May 28, 2023

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One of our planes crashed at Khartoum airport before taking off from Riyadh

Military clashes between armed forces and rapid support forces

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Saudi Arabian Airlines’ media center said the company’s Airbus plane crashed at Khartoum International Airport on Saturday morning before taking off for Riyadh.

In a statement posted on “Twitter”, the center added that it has decided to suspend all the company’s flights to and from Sudan until further notice.

He explained that the company’s task forces are working with all relevant authorities under the leadership of the Saudi Embassy in Sudan to obtain more information about the accident.

Currently, the Sports City area in Khartoum state and Marawi city in northern Sudan are witnessing military clashes between armed forces and Rapid Support Forces, in which explosions, gunfire and plumes of smoke have been heard.

Amid clashes near the General Headquarters of the Armed Forces and the Presidential Palace, there have been no reports from the military or the Rapid Support Forces on developments in the country’s military, security and political arenas. , the fighting caused traffic disruptions in Khartoum state.

Military forces captured the airport in the Sudanese capital Khartoum and the airport in the northern city of Mero.

Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs in a statement today expressed Saudi Arabia’s deep concern over the escalating military clashes between the army and Rapid Support Forces in the sister Republic of Sudan.

The kingdom also called on all political leaders in Sudan to prioritize the languages ​​of dialogue, control and wisdom. Achieving a political declaration that will bring political stability, economic recovery and prosperity to Sudan and its fraternal peoples.

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