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It was Tunisian tennis champion Ones Jaber. This is how the Tunisians called it for the love and admiration of a person who never met, with great gratitude to the Tunisian legend Anas Jaber. Of course, the level of pride and admiration is not limited to Tunisians, rather, the contagion of admiration has spread to the Arab people and to a wide variety of the world, which allows Anas Jaber to say today that he is a Tunisian Arab. African International Hero.
Question: How did this heroine manage to get unconditional praise? How can we read Tunisians’ love for Anas Jaber? What is the secret of this unique love story?
It should be noted that initially, Anas Jafar fulfilled the need for joy and happiness. The issue of meeting this need is linked to success and global spotlights. In other words, Anas Jaber succeeded in tempering admiration because he represented the value of victory at a moment when we observe the Arab and Islamic world in general searching for itself and its place in the world. And Anas Jaber gave a priceless gift to Tunisia, Morocco and the Arabs, he showed us that we are a living nation with talents, perseverance and high morale.
This is the rule of the game in the world: if the world wants to pay attention to you, your country, and the nation you belong to, you have to reach the top of the world, as it happens in literature and science. Nobel Prize. Light is degrees; There is local, regional and then global. In the Arabic case, the achiever of universality sheds light on the moment of victory and triumph.
And so she delighted the Tunisians, so much so that they called her the Minister of Happiness. Here, we note that happiness is associated with success and intelligence, as well as the appreciation of persevering effort, challenge, desire, and ambition. It’s a heartwarming observation that proves that despite everything, the positive fantasy of success is still self-sufficient and monotonous.
In this context, it is important to pay attention to the fact that the decline in the value of work and the tendency to make quick profits with little effort did not prevent the existence of positive representations of hardworking, diligent and ambitious people. . Therefore, resistance to laziness, inactivity, lack of interest in reading, and a decrease in the actual number of work… all these are expressions and phenomena subject to change and treatment on the basis that they have not lost their attraction for mujtahids. Those who demonstrate the work create myths and reap the world’s praise.
On the other hand, we observe a state of thirst for happiness at the international level, a situation that is more understandable when placed in the general Arab context, since this is the state of the first Gulf War and the majority of Arab countries. And the Islamic countries are changing events and tensions and the world and its alliances are changing, and regimes are falling and others are rising and countries are losing a lot in civil wars and other crises and wars… these people are experiencing rapid changes. And the difficulties of adapting to the new regional and international reality and its economic consequences, not forgetting the consequences of “Covid-19”, in which our people also lost thousands of lives … All this makes happiness a necessity, even if it is a moment, its embodiment of victory in a global event. Even for a moment.
Another important point is that Tunisia is known for its special historical interest in women’s issues, and the protagonist who managed to reach the most advanced ranking in the world is a woman, which reinforces the Tunisian trend of feminizing positive values. And be proud of it, this is what happens in recent years when results are announced and debates take place. Comments on social media in Tunisia have focused on the phenomenon of male and female students getting higher marks. In short, in Tunisia, there is a special celebration of positive values ​​that women and girls embody.
Indeed, since the success of an Arab Tunisian woman is so remarkable, the importance of this observation is confirmed when placing it in a common civilizational context between the Arab ego and the European and Western nations. Heroine Anas Zafar’s achievement to another is a civilized measure that reflects the status of women, openness of the family and attitude towards equality and equal opportunities, so the importance in fields like sports increases manifold. Carrier of the whole environment.
What is the lesson of Happiness Minister Anas Zafar?
It seems to me that betting on youth and women is the biggest message, and the campaign that a successful woman and a successful man can deliver about their country and its cultural space can be more than the entire state budget. Another type of propaganda: honest, spontaneous and priceless propaganda.
We must make way for young women and men to fly high and the flags of our country to fly, and from it emerge those who always bring joy and send a message to the world different from that presented by the enemies of life.

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