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Mistakes in Instagram stories in iOS Force Replay can be fixed with updates


Mistakes in Instagram stories in iOS Force Replay can be fixed with updates

Because Instagram stories are misleading to some iOS users, it is necessary for them to review all of one’s story before looking at new ones. This issue has affected many people Border Staff from Monday, and Some Reddit users have reported The same thing will happen to them. “

Wednesday morning on Instagram Post an app update on the iOS App Store that seems to have fixed the issue. If you encounter problems, check for updates and see if your app has the latest version 239.1. Update notes only state that “the latest version contains bug fixes and performance improvements” Border Employees on social media and others say the issue of serial stories is over.

Thus said meta spokeswoman Kristen Bay Margin In an email, he said, “The company acknowledges that some people have difficulty accessing Instagram stories.” Bay said Instagram “works to get things back on track” and regrets the inconvenience.

The main problem seems to be that Instagram does not remember where you left off when looking at someone’s stories. For example, if one of my friends posts five stories and I see four stories before skiing, the next time I click on their icon, I To Check out their fifth story. Instead, Instagram now makes me repeat the four items I already saw every time I go to see a story. The problem also appears when someone posts a new story for their astrologer.

It is unknown how many users have been affected. There are Push From People Me Twitter They say they want to revisit the stories, but Instagram is not as popular as I expected if its core feature is broken for everyone.

June 14 18:24 ET Updated: A statement from the staff spokesman is included.

Updated June 15 8:20 AM ET: Added information about Instagram iOS app updates that fix the problem.

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