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Mistakes that destroyed friendship in Ramadan drama!


Social media focused on the negative aspects of all series shown during the holy month of Ramadan, and not a single work escaped criticism until followers became critics and analysts, and “Sara al-Baadi” and “The Imams Autobiography” came to the fore among the works under criticism. In the second half, “Until Three ”.

Indeed, had it not been for the rush to write the “Biography of the Imam” series, most of this year’s work fell into a time trap, and the best presented this year would have been hasty and accurate in historical reference. , some of our best writers do so because it was necessary to present it to experts in history, because it is not fair that the reviewer of the series in al-Azhar al-Sharif did not know that the second century of the Hijri. There is no such thing as a dialect, and by reviewing the history of the Hijri in Egypt, we find that the “classical” and “Coptic” language of the Qur’an was used in all regions at that time and was used in places of regions. .

Not to mention the poetry of al-Shafi’i, a Syrian poet, but in general the series reached the masses with the performance of Khaled al-Nabawi and directed by creator Laith Hajjo.

Here we come to director Khaled Yusuf who has a huge critical role. As I have said in several TV interviews, Khaled Yusuf dabbles in literature and thinks about his “secret” inspired by the great writer’s short story. Yusuf Idris. My vision is not in props or focusing on some Tunisian broadcaster, but in handling, Khaled Youssef will tell you, “This is my vision..I am the director..”. In my eyes and in my head.” The episode takes place in a view that makes history difficult to move quickly. However, his hidden secret and Ahmed Fahmi and Hanan Mudawa.. The case that sparked great controversy as a work of art, not as its director. Says that his name raises controversy.

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Before Ramadan, there was a big controversy about Mona Jackie and her hijab and when the first episode of “Under Guards” was shown, Mona Jackie rode the trend..I expected it because of her talent. The authors of this work, the Diab family, also have the talent to write the franchise to film, act and direct. Ali al-Tayeb, and creator Ahmad Shakir Qutair. After an attack, we don’t know why.

These lines are not enough to write about everything that was shown, but I hope that the talented artist Ahmad Maki will reconsider himself in “Al-Kabeer Avi”. The series was an improvisation, without any incidents or drama.

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