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Mohamed Hamaki with music distributor Toma on a new song for the summer | News


Superstar Mohamed Hamaki has revealed his collaboration with composer Duma on the new song “Single”, which is expected to be released in the summer.

In a telephone interview for Amira Noor Ali’s “Who cares about art” show, Toma, a guest songwriter on Radio Nagam FM, surprised Mohammad Hamaki and called him from his phone. Wind, said to him: Hamaki, you are in the air with us now, how many questions do I want to ask you.

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“First we created the melody, then we wrote the song, I liked it after Thomas distributed it, he came back and said I changed it, so why did I do that? And he said to me, and then said that she was smart, and when I asked her, I said a comment and was quiet for a while, and then I saw her sweet and strong, I told her this decision, I would take it at your risk, and the rhythm was fast, Thank God, I was very successful.

Mohammed Hamaki and Thomas

Hamaki also said of his relationship with Duma: “Doma was one of the closest people to me. He responded to him at any time and considered him my brother. When he asked me to enter her while we were sitting, I was surprised, but it was not complete, he said.” I escaped, “so I stood in front of the mic and sang it until I was done.

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And about his new creations, Hamaki said: “He’s still coming back from Dubai, and Tom and I are currently preparing a solo for the summer.”

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The artist, Mohammad Hamaki, recently performed a concert of the “whole number” of various Arabs at the Hawali Palace Hall in Kuwait.

The ceremony witnessed Hamaki’s welcome with flowers and gifts, after which he took to the stage to open his connection with the song “Me, I Will Be With Him”, and amidst a cheerful and cheerful atmosphere he exchanged greetings with the audience.

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