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Mohammed Al Gabi: Our dreams will not be possible without ambitious and inspiring leadership


Between his professional distinction in visual media experience at Dubai Television News Center and his eagerness to pursue his academic achievement after obtaining a master’s degree in constitutional law, Emirati journalist Mohammed Al Gabi succeeded in making his unique professional mark. Delivering newsletters and covering the most important and important events and milestones he witnessed. In many sectors of the UAE over the years, with an excellent professional style that combines calmness, composure and professionalism, it recommended him as an honorable role model for ambition. Emirati youth can keep pace with developments and achieve various pioneering achievements.


At the beginning of his conversation with “Emirates Today”, Emirati journalist, Muhammad Al-Kaabi, standing on the pillars of his distinguished media experience, pointed out the importance of organizing professional priorities and emphasized the importance of time management in allocating aspects of individuality. The successful journalist said that he is the son of the environment in which he grew up, “There is no doubt that the UAE is an ambitious and positive environment that solves problems first. For this reason, I believe that is the most important thing. Because the journalist highlights the positive aspects before the negative ones, local, regional or global. At the level he should spread hope and ambition among the groups of the society he is addressing. He also said, “We are more concerned about showing the achievements of the state at all levels, because the leadership has accustomed us to direct stories of successes and great achievements, which has been embodied in me since 2018. Much of the pioneering involved national achievements, particularly in the field of space.”

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Great experiences

The first satellite in the hands of the Emirati, and a pioneer in the history of the country’s science Al-Kaabi first stopped when he was accompanied by the launch of “Khalifazad”, therefore, its first investment in 50 years children. He added: “I was the only Emirati journalist present at the Tanegashima Space Center on the Japanese island, when all channels in the country broadcast this coverage, starting at eight in the morning at the schools level. and the experiences of several media interviews with officials from government agencies, Japanese universities, the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency and the UAE Embassy in Japan 10 days earlier. Describing these moments as “historical” for an unprecedented event, it prompted him to for a few moments reluctantly abandon the professional dress, in the interest of revealing the details of national happiness with this great scientific achievement, emphasizing the dominance of emotions. After confirming that the satellite is in the correct orbit, delight in the details that announce the success of the mission.

A year later, an Emirati journalist took over the media coverage of the launch of Emirati astronaut Hazza Al Mansouri, the first Emirati and Arab astronaut to launch to the International Space Station from the Baikonur base in Kazakhstan. Being very close to the release stage and in time to send all the details of the event live. . Commenting, “I never imagined that my media experience would lead me to this defining moment with my great responsibility mixed with patriotic feelings to report the most accurate details and stages of this huge event in a professional manner based on clear information. Accurate scientific foundations.”

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Total achievements

In the context of describing the most important stations of his distinguished media experience, al-Kaabi drew attention to a distinguished professional status in 2020, the date of the launch of the “exploration of hope” on the mission to Mars. Including, then the December 2022 launch of the “Explorer Rashid” in Florida, which launched the first Emirati astronaut Sultan Al Neyadi on a long-duration mission last March, he saw as a reflection of the United Arab Emirates. An environment that inspires success, “I have always considered my professional experience in the media as a reflection of Emirati success, and this applies to all Emiratis because all these dreams will not be achieved a great deal without rational, ambitious and inspiring Emirati leadership for success.

Learning and Development

Despite the continuous successes, Al-Kaabi pointed out the need to always develop his professional and scientific tools, stressing that the journalist cannot carry on his experiences. In particular, in light of the diversity of tools and methods for delivering the media message, “learning, then learning, then learning, from colleagues, or books, scientific and technological research, then understanding and perceiving what is happening around us in terms of developments, systems and trends.”

Educational attainment

Within the framework of his own belief in the value of development and learning, Al-Kaabi is passionate about his academic achievements and his future plans, which recently began with a master’s degree in public law, specifically constitutional law, at the University of Ajman. He saw it as a suitable opportunity to improve his knowledge and improve his tools, then he wanted to achieve his future ambitions and pursue it, soon engaged in the preparation of a PhD thesis in the same field, leading to the step of teaching in a state. University.

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• “Involves the launch of Hazza Al Mansouri’s journey, a decisive moment when patriotic feelings mingled with my professional responsibility.”

• “Probe of Hope), (Explorer Rashid) and the journey of Sultan Al Neyadi… a follow-up to my career milestones.”

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