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Mohammed Bin Rashid: When we make a promise, we keep it


His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates and Ruler of Dubai, “may God protect him,” stressed that the race for excellence has no finish line and that everyone is risking their lives. The greatest danger lies in not taking any risks. Everyone dreams, but only the leader turns dreams into reality and insists that when he and his team make a promise, they deliver on their promise.

His Highness said in a video clip of his address to the countrymen posted on “Instagram” under the hashtag “Flashes_Leadership”: “I tell my team: in the race for excellence, there is no finish line, and this sentence becomes a reality every day, when we promise to fulfill the promise, ​We all have dreams, but only a leader can make these dreams come true.. We all take risks in life, but do you know what the biggest risk is? Don’t take any risks”

His experiences will always come as a beacon to guide generations, he says: Our way to achieve our dreams is different, when people talk, we work, when they plan, we implement, when they hesitate, we move towards a future with hope, And here His Highness is making his dreams come true, becoming an eyewitness to the growth the UAE has achieved in a short period of time, as His Highness said:

“One world in one country… an insight that laid the foundation for Dubai’s universality… No one mentions the dreamers, but everyone remembers those who turn dreams into reality.”

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His Highness went to his task force, and we all listen, read, and all say: I am here except the Emirates. The Chairman says: My working group and I always encourage, turning a blind eye to a mistake for this group. Learn until he is proud.

“If the leader is a true lion, he must lead a group of lions, and I am proud of the group that helps us achieve our ambitions, because they are all lions, I always encourage young people to be creative, I don’t notice. Some of their mistakes, because mistakes are sometimes a way to learn and achieve success. through.” And His Highness concluded: My team and I, while we promise to fulfill our promises.

Yes opinion, yes advice and yes interpretation, living with a great leader should imbibe his qualities, let alone if you belong to the group of Mohammed bin Rashid, owner of vision, eloquence and craftsmanship and achievements. .

His Highness added: I tell my team that in the race for excellence, there is no finish line, where His Highness sharpens the spirit of the team with determination and determination. When you are faced with a challenge or need to make a decision. There are two options: either you take the idea of ​​those who came before you and follow it, or you unleash the vigor of your creative skills and mental energy, which creates a new idea and a new business.

He moved to promote the values ​​of self-reliance, not dependence, but rather taking action. He said: We all take risks in life, but do you know what the biggest risk is?

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Should We Take No Risks?: Every morning in Africa a lion wakes up with the realization that a deer must run faster than a lion’s steps, or else death is its fate. It must run faster than the slow deer, otherwise it will starve to death.

Be it a deer or a lion, you don’t have to run at full speed when the sun rises, the lifeline that gives us the elixir..

A follower of His Highness feels that you are in the presence of an inspiring leader, a caring father and a teacher who enriches you with knowledge, and most importantly, you discover a unique situation unmatched in the universe. A ruler who roams around the emirate, rather than the state, because of his responsibilities, follows the affairs of the people and then asks them to improve the best. Explained: “We will continue to look for young leaders . . . to prepare them to take on new responsibilities in a country that doesn’t know how to stop.”

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