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Mohammed Ramadan’s car and the fall of Lepleba … What happened when El Ghouna opened?


A stormy day passed in the Egyptian city of El Gauna, with flames rising and a large part of the theater set on fire, and the next day the matter was reversed, although the film festival was scheduled to receive its opening performances.

The activities of the fifth session of the festival began yesterday Thursday evening, as if nothing had happened, without any trace of the island.

First, many stars gathered to show off their sleek looks on the red carpet. This time, the controversy and fanfare belongs to Najla Badr, the artist who chose the “fiery” outfit!

Ramadan pulls the rug

But despite the many art stars, Mohammed Ramadan managed to get attention again from the first moment he appeared, after he got in his car where he wrote his first sentence “Number One”.

Ramadan car

According to Samih Saviris, the founder of El Gauna, in his speech, he is proud of all the employees who accompanied him in his company and for repairing all the damage they have done in the last 24 hours. Fire.

It is noteworthy that at this year’s session, the award-winning star artist, Ahmed El-Sakka, presented the Hand Sabri to receive his award.

After he took the stage, he chose to dedicate this honor to many, especially his wife and the late Samir Khanem and Talal Abdel Aziz.

“Zamora .. King of Comedy”

In addition, the festival decided to celebrate those who left our world this year, when artist Saeed Raqab presented a special section in which he talked about the value of art, while at the same time showing pictures of those who went behind the scenes behind him.

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When Samir Khanem and Talal Abdel Aziz were not in their body, they attended their art and the festival celebrated them a lot, where Khanem had a special role.

He presented a critical panel entitled “Zamora .. The King of Comedy”, which handled a portion of his works that were memorized by the audience.

Painful shot

According to the painful snapshot during the art event, artist Lepleba fell, he went on stage to pay his respects to Kanemi, then fell under the pressure of the touch, but fell in pain on the stairs on the way.

In his speech, Samka Saviris was eager to recall the promise he made many years ago, when he confirmed that he would host a music festival, it seems that L. Gauna will be on a date with another art show.

He assured that the matter would be resolved soon in light of his commitment to the Minister of Culture, but he pointed out that it could be implemented after the end of the corona virus crisis.

It is noteworthy that after the official celebrations were over, Muhammad performed Ramadan, followed by a number of performances and dances, which took place between the contacts of all who attended.

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