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Titanic director James Cameron has settled a controversy over directing a film about the submarine Titan.


By: Shaima Abdel Monim

Sunday, July 16, 2023 at 12:21 pm

A statement James Cameron, director of TitanicHe wants to direct a movie or series dealing with the story of the submarine.TitanThe wreckage was discovered last month with 5 people on board during a trip to the sunken ship.

Cameron denied reports by websites and newspapers that he was a prime candidate to direct a movie or series about the “Titan” disaster. So now.”

Cameron added: “There is no negotiation with Oceangate (the company that owns Titan) about any artwork on the submarine, and I never will.”

James Cameron tweets

Cameron, who dived 33 times to the wreck of the Titanic, told ABC News that several senior influencers in the deep-sea engineering community had written to the submarine director about safety concerns..

Cameron explained: “I was struck by the similarity to the Titanic disaster, where the captain repeatedly warned of ice in front of his ship, but he proceeded at full speed across an ice field on a moonless night.” He pointed out. “Warnings ignored. Same place.

On the other hand, the ocean gate website belonging to the submarine Titan went black screen after few weeks of missing submarine “Titan” with 5 crew members, the tragedy surrounding the submarine “Titan”. “En route to the Titanic, Ocean Gate continued to plague the company, directly responsible for the deaths of 5 crew members aboard the ship who disappeared after a violent explosion in the depths of the North Atlantic Ocean..

Now, following ongoing investigations and the death of its CEO Stockton Rush inside the submarine, the company has decided to remove its digital presence and is now offline..

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The company’s Facebook and Twitter pages have disappeared, their accounts on LinkedIn have also disappeared, while the company’s Instagram account has gone private, and the company’s only website is still functional. OceanGate FoundationAlthough the Facebook page has been removed.

The company faces an uncertain future. The decision to remove your online presence indicates that you are trying to avoid public attention, and the company may be in financial trouble or trying to hide something. RBP.

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