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“Ms. Marvel» … the first Muslim superhero


For the first time, a Muslim character will be a superhero in a new series produced by Marvel Studios, a subsidiary of Walt Disney Studios.

Marvel Studios titled its upcoming series “Ms. Marvel “(Miss Marvel), and the main character’s name is” Kamala Khan “, who plays a superhero who plays Iman Vilani, a young Canadian actress of Pakistani descent.

Commenting on the general impact she expects for the character, Filani said: “I expect the Miss Marvel character to have a huge impact on many, especially young Muslims and adolescents who have never seen themselves in a positive light before. Reality or screens.

I hope this work gives them what comics did in my childhood.

The creators and screenwriters of the series are “Mrs. Marvel said they were inspired by the Muslim superhero character Kamala Khan from their teenage experiences with Muslim women in Western societies.

The series tells the story of its superhero Khan, a young Muslim American man who lives with his family in New Jersey, but her life begins to change drastically as she acquires supernatural abilities.

In an attempt to imitate the heroes he loves, Khan gets the nickname “Mrs.” Marvel வர் Passionate about games and superhero stories, and also has a broad imagination, especially when it comes to Captain Marvel.

At the beginning of the story of the series, which is full of suspense and suspense, we see that teenage Kamala is a high school student and struggles to correct many identities as she faces bullies for reasons such as skin color, religion, and so on. And because she is a Muslim she goes to the mosque with her family and prays.

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But in the midst of this struggle, Kamala is able to discover the supernatural powers within her, freeing waves of amazing energy from her bracelets and making her invisible. The Muslim teenager soon realizes that she has superpowers like the superheroes she has always expected.

From this point on, Kamala’s adventure begins, in which she has to balance her studies and family life with her extraordinary work.

The “Miss Marvel” series will air on the Disney + Channel from Wednesday, June 8.

Marvel Studios introduced Kamala Khan as a secondary character in 2013. Now, 9 years later, the character is playing the lead role in her own series.

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