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Sylvester Stallone competes with Arnold Schwarzenegger in a documentary


Hollywood star Sylvester Stallone (Archive)

Sunday 17 September 2023 / 16:44

Sylvester Stallone competed with his friend Arnold Schwarzenegger to screen the documentary “Sly” at the Toronto Film Festival, which sheds light on Stallone’s nearly 50-year artistic career. The film is produced by Netflix and directed by Tom Jimny. And it is expected to be released in November.

The two actors were known to compete for their roles in action films in the early days of their careers

Stallone is awaiting the release of the fourth installment of his action franchise, “The Expendables”.

“I compared the newspaper”The Hollywood ReporterIn his statement this Sunday, between two movies produced by Netflix that deal with the biographies of the two Hollywood stars, he commented on the journey of the two stars to the world of fame, assuming that “Sly” addressed it. The negative circumstances that divert the hero of the “Rambo” films instead of stardom, the film “Arnold” was positive, leading to the crowning of “Mr. Olympia”.
The newspaper focused on the tone of Stallone’s voice when he described his most important works of art, particularly the oppressive “Rambo” and the triumphant “Rocky”, describing his career as “one long movie”.
On the other hand, the movie “Arnold” is full of hopeful stories, the story of his rise to fame, all the way he got into politics.
Before they became friends, the two actors were known for their rivalry in their roles in action films early in their careers, as Stallone was famous for the “Rocky” and “Rambo” film series, while Schwarzenegger was known for acting. “Terminator” movies.

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Life journey of a big star

The film, which SLY began promoting two months ago, takes him on a tour of his lavish home in Los Angeles, which includes all of his art collections and memorabilia, recalling its long history.
Rocky begins with a living room designed to stare into space, think, and think about the future, based on his dissatisfaction with himself and his constant need for innovation and creativity, prompting him to move a lot and then always return to this. House.

From the riches of adulthood to the poverty of childhood

The documentary follows Stallone as he visits the Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood where he spent much of his youth, the place where his passion and early relationship with movies began, not as an actor, but as a “smuggler of fake copies of films”. ”

Some details about his personal life

As for his personal family life, he had three wives, all of whom are mentioned in the report, none of his daughters, only his late son Munivar, because of his tragic death. It left him with a wound that would never heal.
At the end of Sly, the American star talks about his artistic and humanitarian legacy in the way he brings his fans into his life, including turning a legacy of failures into a treasure trove of successes.

While most of “Sly” focused on his professional career, Stallone spoke extensively about his personal life on the family reality show “The Stallone Family,” which ended just days before its eight-episode run on Paramount+. Second season.

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It is noteworthy that Sylvester Stallone is waiting for the screening of his latest cinematic work this year, which is the fourth part of his action series “The Expendables”, which will be shown on September 22.

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