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Nadine Enzyme quotes Ismail Yasin’s “My Mother-in-law” movie in the “Zahra Saloon” series.


The “Zahra Saloon” series starring Lebanese singer Nadine Enzyme and Modasem Al-Nahar ended recently, and was shown in 15 full episodes on one of the digital platforms.

After the series aired, the King of Comedy in Egypt was discovered to have a dramatic line and similar theme to the famous Egyptian film “Ismail Yassin”, presented by the Egyptian film “My Guardian An Angel” in 1959. Cinema, the Idea of ​​the Wheel and Ismail Yassin’s Search for “The Undertaker” Like the idea of ​​carrying and the journey of finding the chair.

The story of the “Zahra Saloon” series relies on its idea of ​​a simple “tima” taken from the movie “My mother-in-law”, where the successful series begins with the idea that there is a gang that smuggled “dollars”. In a “chair”, one way or another, the chair is transferred to another country, until he comes to a salon owned by the Nazi enzyme or “Zahra”, the famous woman who lives in the beautiful Lebanese neighborhood, the men in the neighborhood try to beat her and marry her , But she did not welcome the idea of ​​marrying these people.

We see Anas, al-Mudassim al-Nahar, trying to enter the neighborhood in one way or another, until the smuggled dollars get the “chair” inside. Decorations, light story, and more.


In the movie “My Mother is an Angel” starring Ismail Yasin, we see the main “theme” of the movie is a man who works in a shop and loves a woman who works as a maid and asks him to bring the message that the deceased is doing his job, in fact he brings him the news of his master’s death , But it was bad news and his mother-in-law did so to avenge his mother-in-law, but by passing the comedy events, the shopkeeper decided to put the body on the shelf, and then the body moved to another place in a fun way, and that body kept moving between the members of the film, the shopkeeper moving it from one place to another. Looking for a place.

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The question here is, did the producers of the “Saloon Zahra” series quote the story of “my mother-in-law was an angel” and the dollars changed because the body was changed?


The “Zahra Saloon” series was shown in 15 episodes, and was written by Nadine Nasir Enzyme, Modasem Al-Nahar, Tony Isa, Lynn Kurra, Rasha Bilal, Anju Rayhan, Maddie Mashmoy and others, Nadine Jaber, Joe Boyd.


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