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"سواح" أفضل فيلم عربي طويل بمهرجان لبنان للسينما المستقلة

“Sawa” is the best Arabic film at the Lebanese Independence Film Festival

08:40 PM

Sunday 03 October 2021

Books – Abdel Fattah Al-Azmi:

Egyptian director Adolf L-Assal’s film “Sawah-Sawa” added a new prize to his award list as he won the award for best film in Arabic at the Lebanese Independence Film Festival.

“SAWAH” has participated in various international film festivals, and during its tours, it has won more than 21 international awards and received excellent views at the time of its launch on the “Netflix” platform.

The movie “SAWAH” follows the story of a young Samir who loves music and seeks to bring his art to the masses. He travels to participate in an international DJ competition, but on the way loses his possessions and passport and is detained as a refugee in Luxembourg, where he undergoes several adventures.

The film takes place in 4 different countries and is spoken in 6 different languages, starring: Kareem Qasem, Mahmoud Al-Laithi, Sarah Abdel Rahman, Murad Al-Jakandi, Eric Gapongo, Jean-Luc Kochhart et al., Written in 2019 by Indian writer Dennis Phone And directed by Adolf The Honeycomb.

Director Adolf L-Assal recently had a different experience in comedy-drama on the Belgian series BARAKI, which directed 5 episodes of the series. It is a co-production of RTBF and Walonia-Brussels, and is supported by the Film Fund Luxembourg and RTBF.

Adolf L-Assal was born in Alexandria, Egypt and spent his childhood between the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, France and Luxembourg. Short film LA FAMEUSE ROUTE in 2011 to compete in more than 20 festivals around the world. The short film MANO DE DIOS, which won more than 5 awards worldwide and later participated in more than one film festival. Finished the movie. Adolf is waiting for the release of his film Hoop in 2023. , Was shown in September 2021, in addition to directing 5 episodes of the Belgian comedy series BARAKI.

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A filmmaker selected under Berlinale Talents and a graduate of EAVE (European Audiovisual Entrepreneurs) and Screen Leaders, he is a member of the European Film Academy and works in the creative area of ​​the Luxembourg Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai.