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Nelly Karim is the creator and Tina L-Sherbini is the star of Egypt


Lebanese actress Maya Diab praised Egyptian star Nellie Kareem and her “Faton Amal Harby” series, stressing that the work represents a group of women’s issues.

Maya wrote on her Twitter account: “Faton Amal Harbi is not a series. This is a group of Arab and Egyptian women who have been experiencing problems for many years, and to this day … the whole view of society is in vain. Laws, if they talk about a little bit of these rights, they are being attacked. ”

Praising the performance of the heroine of the work she added: “Hello Nellie Kareem, for your creativity and sense of being able to create us in the best possible image.”

Starring Nellie Kareem, Sharif Salamah, Hala Zedki, Mohammad Darwat, Mohammad Al-Sharnoubi, Khalid Sarhan, Fadia Abdel-Ghani, Gilan Ala, Mohammad Al-Taji, Yarra Gibran, Lamia Al-Amir, Sarah Alban ” Al-Thaim, Kareem Fati and two women, Fayrouz and Rital Jaza. .

The series revolves around the problems of divorced women in Egypt, where Faton believes his suffering after a divorce from Seif is ten times impossible between them.

The series was written by Ibrahim Issa in his first theatrical experience, directed by Manto L-Adl and produced by the L-Atl Group, produced by Jamal L-Adl.

Star of Egypt

Maya Diab’s comments did not stand out in the “Faton Amal Harpy” series because she praised Egyptian artist Tina L-Sherbini for starring alongside Mohammed Ramadan in the “Al-Mashwar” series.

Maya wrote through her Twitter account: “Dina El-Sherbini is a real actress, she has her artistic talents and I know you have a lot. I love you as the star and girlfriend of Egypt. With all my heart.”

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The “Al Mishwar” series is one of the most important Ramadan series of 2022, and this work enjoys a high percentage of viewers due to the wide fan base of the stars participating in it.

The series is headed by Mohammed Ramadan, Dina El Sherbini, Baomi Fouad, Amr Abdel Jalil, Ahmed Kamal, Ahmed Magdi, Carolyn Khalil, Nada Moussa, and the work is signed by Best Director Mohammed Yassin.

The “Al Mishwar” series is the second reunion of Mohammed Ramadan and Dina El Sherbini, co-starring with Saeed Raqab and Sabri Fawaz in the film “Answer to Arrest” directed by Mohammed Sami. .

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