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New music video after “Happy Holidays”


He recently started showing off his new comedy series “Happy Vacation”, which ensured that the audience was overjoyed, especially when the work scenes were spontaneous and comfortable with light and stars in front of or behind the camera. Also, they are a great blessing to her from our Lord, and in her conversation with the site “al”. We talked to star Lika Al-Kamisi about his quest to deliver complex roles and how he will return to acting. After 3 years of absence, she was interested with her children and husband.

Tell us about the “Open Vacation” series that started showing?

“Happy Holidays” is a masterpiece of honor that I work with, and recently I consider it very close to my heart. We have been preparing it for a long time as a team and I have been involved in my character. I will simulate very accurately. The series has 40 chapters, and discusses social issues and marital issues in a humorous way, during which I continue the role of a strong wife with her husband (Sheriff Mirnir). ), I had the honor of working with him, I considered it a great blessing from our Lord for him to be in this job, in addition to a large working group, from a large star group behind or in front of the camera, I enjoy working with them, the shooting location is delicious, humorous and spontaneous, and even better I co-starred with artist Samiha Ayub, King of the Quran, Tonia Maher, Murad Makram, Kareem Abu Jeet and Hisham Ismail. It was written by Ahmed Mahmood Abu Jeet and directed by Mohammad Abdel Rahman Hamaki.

Committee meeting

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What prompted you to deliver a comedy series after you participated in “Against Al Qasr”?

I enjoyed participating in the “Open Holidays” series because it is a family comedy job, especially after the end of the Ramadan season, the audience is looking for light work, and director Mohammad Hamaki is talented and I wanted to work with him because he has a variety of tools. She knows how to achieve the bank with great ambition and its goals, her life is only between home, family and work.

But don’t you think the 40 episode work is too long?

I tried to make up for what I lacked because I was away from the arts and workplace for 3 years, and I stretched my distance from the arts with my children and husband, avoiding the conditions of corona infection, so when this series showed me, I found it so good, it gave me a whole new look. And presented in a different way and discusses the important social problems of many social groups in a humorous form, which I do not see a danger in, and the series is far from over. The deal was done.

Committee meeting

Committee meeting

Turning to “Nadine” against Alcazar, how did you find the reaction to it?

In fact, the entire audience hated me, which made me happy because I succeeded in convincing the audience of this character, whether I was on the street or getting sharp reactions from my friends at the gym. For the evil inside “Nadine”, in addition to being the forerunner of social websites made jokes about my character. Paradoxically in this series, I received compliments and compliments for this role for my friends in the art community. Because I have not participated in the works of Ramadan for a long time, I saw in the series “Against Al Qasr” due to my stubbornness to choose an important and strong character.

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Was it hard to prepare? Were you scared of her when I gave it to you?

Unlike all the audience, I see that she is not evil, but I can not deny that she only has a psychological problem, she has no psychological peace, but she reached out with a confession to friend Salma that she fell in love with her husband. He turned away from her, in addition to her strength to deal with his wife without showing him his feelings of love.

I was not afraid when I was given the character, because I like characters and characters who combine both good and evil qualities, because no man has flaws or advantages, the son of Adam naturally has an evil side and a good side because we are not angels, but humans make mistakes and stay away from sin Trying and about us though our lives are full of good and bad deeds, I saw this in the role of “Nadine” and I also found that the audience loves evil characters very much and is attached to them because the audience can see that in their real life they have fallen victim to these characters, and that the evil character is difficult I see, but the good guy doesn’t have that much trouble and the villain has no details because it’s quiet if it’s not a complicated character.

This is the work that unites you with Nelly Kareem. How did you get cooperation with her?

In fact, this is the first work that unites me with artist Nellie Kareem, who has proven herself in the field of acting over the years and has a good personality in dealing with photographic scenes and works quietly and without any interruption. Her collaboration was beautiful.

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You did a concert a while ago, you never did it again, what was the reason?

Another concert was planned, but it took a lot of effort in rehearsals and rehearsals, and I got busy on this series (against the break) and then started filming the series (open holiday) so I wasn’t ready for it recently at the festival, although for financial reasons I didn’t host these concerts. I want to interact with the audience in a video clip since I grew up in the theater.

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