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What is the future of “Egyptian musicians” after Honey Shaker’s resignation? (Special)


The fallout from the resignation of artiste Honey Shaker, the captain of the music industry in Egypt, continues to this day.

In the past few days, the Egyptian singer Hany Shaker emphasized his position on resignation, which he announced during a telephone interview on the program “Al-Heqayya” shown on the “MBC Egypt” satellite channel, which he confirmed by submitting. Recently in writing to the Syndicate Members of the Music Industries.

Amidst these developments, many people interested in musical affairs began to put forward names that they suggested to lead the union in the coming period, for example, composer Helmi Bakr considered singer Mustafa Kamel. To be more appropriate, while artist Nader Hamdi saw composer Saeed Al-Artist as the best.

What happens within the guild?

Apart from the above, members of the Syndicate of Musical Professions live in delicate moments between an unknown future and decisions that are still being studied, as revealed to “Al-Ain News” by artist Nadia Mustafa, a member of the council.

The syndicate council has already received Shaker’s resignation letter, but it is yet to be approved, says Nadia: “We are still looking into the matter.”

Nadia confirms that the Syndicate Council is rejecting Shaker’s resignation, which was announced a few days ago by the Federation of Technical Syndicates, meaning he is indeed “still the captain,” she says.

“Nadia” explains that she contacted “Shaker” and discovered that he was still suffering from “a state of shock”, resulting in a press conference by festival artist Hasan Shahgoush, which resulted in him leaving after a verbal altercation. , justification: “The conference had a good intention, and he insisted on doing it.” Percussion section and instrumentalist said.

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If Honey Shaker refuses to withdraw her resignation, “Nadia” says members of the General Assembly will join hands to elect the right person, who she describes as “integrity”.

Nadia points out that the first agent of the Syndicate of Music Industries, Maestro Muhammad Abu al-Yazid, runs the Syndicate in the current period until we know what happens within the Chamber of Musicians.

Nadia reveals that a meeting of the union’s members is planned, but she refuses to divulge the date, insisting that it involves “putting points on letters” as she says.

Burning events

Music industry leader singer Honey Shaker pulled out of a press conference last week when artist Hasan Shakoush apologized to those he had offended.

Following an apology to members of the Egyptian Festival Artist’s Union and the percussion section, representatives of the council and musician Saeed Al-Artest got into a verbal dispute over Hani Shaker’s apology not continuing with the show.

The matter did not stop there. Artist Hani Shaker surprised everyone by submitting his resignation live during a phone call to the program “Al-Hegaya” shown on “MBC Egypt” satellite channel.

Shaker attributed his decision to the verbal altercation he witnessed at the press conference, which according to him prompted him to take a decision that he would not back down in the near future.

At that time, the artist Nadia Mustafa, in previous reports to “Al-Ain Al-News”, revealed scenes of the altercation, and she said that the conference was quiet at the beginning, and Hassan Shakoush achieved it by apologizing to the faith union and the players.

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“Nadia” added that musician Saeed Al-Artest went into detail during the conference that he agreed not to go into the Syndicate Council, which angered the Syndicate Secretary, Ahmad Ramadan, who was angry at first. : “Come, the monastery is our place.”

“Nadia” noted that the “artist” accepts “Shakosh’s” apology, but expressed her objection to receiving the union’s card before the conference, sparking a dispute between her and then-captain Honey Shaker. He, according to his version: “We come to compromise, not verse?”.

After the withdrawal, the “artist” apologized to “Shaker”, according to “Nadia”, and said: “Talked to Hani and told him: (I don’t like reaching it, your right is more, and we respect you).”

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