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On the night of power … Haya al-Shuaib who shocked Ilham al-Fadalah by unexpected humiliation!


Kuwaiti artist Haya al-Shuaib suddenly leaked some “mysterious” news through his “snapshot” account, which he did not disclose the reason for publishing, but explained that he was apparently ill.

Al-Shuaib began his letters by praying for those who had wronged him – without identifying them – insisting that he had been severely wronged.

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The Kuwaiti artist called for what he described as “strange” to “cut off his hand”, demanding injustice, insisting that he had saved his family and himself, and that he had not been pushed behind material experiments like others.

What shocked the audience was not only Haya al-Shuaib’s request, but also his insistence on mentioning the life of Ilham al-Fadalah and his divorce and his crisis with his daughters, and he mocked al-Fatalah’s interest in brands and fashion.

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Doa Haya Al-Shuaib

Haya al-Shuaib published a group of photos on his personal account that drew him harsh criticism, with some denouncing his revival of the night of power by pointing out his crisis with the inspiration of virtue and referring to rivalry.

And Haya Al-Shuaibi wrote: “O Lord, you cut off the hands of strangers who flattened the false fountain and hardened the skirt, for an hour and darkness, Lord, I am a mother, I love my children, I love my sisters, I have settled myself.

Haya al-Shuaib provoked his followers with a few words in his appeal, in which he said: “I am a protector and my children will not take me to brands or anything.” These are the words that are supposed to indicate the inspiration of the audience. Virtue, my husband, and mother of my children, praise the Lord God of the worlds who healed me and healed me, but Lord, I can be sure of my mother, my children and my sisters.

And Haya al-Shu’ayb continued his request: “Lord, you remove my worries and exalt me, and show me one day of those who wronged and oppressed me, and those who oppressed me and oppressed me, but fate revealed truth and righteousness. May God have mercy on Farajna too, good days will not deny the beautiful, undisturbed woman.Her part of her in times of trouble.

Haya al-Shu’ayb points out his crisis with Ilham al-Fatala

Haya al-Shuaib was considered by some to be a deliberate provocation of al-Fadalah’s inspiration from time to time, but according to some, they criticized the use of nights such as Lailat al-Qadr to settle scores.

Others say Haya al-Shuaibi was behind Ilham al-Fatala’s refusal to compromise with her.

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Al-Fadlah made it clear that no matter what happens, the dispute between them will not end, and that the issue will not be limited to a mere misunderstanding, but will be deliberately malicious and will lead to a rejection of compromise no matter what it does. The thing could cost her.

It is noteworthy that the dispute between the two began after al-Shu’aib was embroiled in a major crisis with the Saudi public over his photo of the Emirate of Qatar being hanged: “The only prince who attended our father’s funeral, O After the death of Kuwaiti Emir Sheikh Sabah al-Ahmad al-Sabah, it was a clear indication that Gulf and Arab world leaders did not attend the funeral, which exposed his contempt allegations. The Saudis said al-Shuaib tried to flirt with the Saudi public, accusing his friend Ilham al-Fadala of betraying him and reports that the war between the two would continue until close circles who abandoned him reached the judiciary.

Haya al-Shuaib mocks the crises of Ilham al-Fatala

At the request of Haya al-Shuaibi, Ilham al-Fadalah included her recent words about the crisis with her ex-husband and the crisis with her children. In his prayer, al-Shu’aib thanked God: “Praise be to God, I am the mother of myself, my children and my husband”, which some considered “happiness” in some respects.

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