June 7, 2023

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شيرين عبد الوهاب وحسام حبيب

On the responsibility of this woman … Sherin Abdel Wahab returns to the new Habib (video) | News

Astronomer Sarah Hussein predicts artist Sherin Abdel Wahab will return to her husband artist Hosam Habib in 2022.

Astronomer Shereen Abdel Wahab and her husband will witness the return in 2022 during a program with the Lebanese media outlet Dammam Blake on the Al-Jadeed channel. Not only this, she is also subject to criticism which confuses her somewhat with the possibility of leaving the art field and working in another field.

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Sarah Hussein expects Adam Nabulsi to return to the arts after her sudden retirement and return in May.

The astronomer said that Lebanese singer Maya Diab will have to travel a lot in the coming years and that she may have an accident or be killed by someone who hates her so much.

Recently, Sherin Abdel Wahab confirmed the separation from artist Hosam Habib and released an official statement giving reasons for it.

Sherin said in a statement on her Facebook page: “Star Sherin Abdel Wahab has settled the dispute with Hosam Habib … and confirms the official divorce, for more details here: Report – Sherin Abdel Wahab officially confirms divorce from Hosam Habib

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