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In that video .. the price of the Saudi riyal today Saturday .. the pound made him wrap around.


Today, Saturday, January 8, 2022, the Saudi Rial stabilized against the pound, with Egyptian banks and the banking market volatile and the central bank recording around 16 4.16 and 4.20 against buying. Pounds for sale.

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Today Saturday, January 8 Saudi Rial Price:

The Saudi riyal, registered with the Central Bank of Egypt, costs 16 4.16 to buy and 20 4.20 to sell.

At the National Bank of Egypt the Saudi Riyal is priced at 18 4.18 and the sale at 19 4.19.

The Saudi riyal is priced at 4. 4.15 at Alexandria Bank for purchase and விற்பனை 4.19 for sale.

Al Baraka Bank reported the Saudi riyal at 4.14 pounds and the sale at 4.19 pounds.

And the price of the Saudi Rial, at Suez Canal Bank, was recorded at 4. 4.15 for purchase and 19 4.19 for sale.

The Saudi Riyal is priced at 17 4.17 for Commercial International Bank and 19 4.19 for Sale.

Saudi Riyal, at Banque Misr, 4. 4.18 for purchase and 19 4.19 for sale.

The Saudi Riyal is priced at 4. 4.17 for the Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank and 19 4.19 for the sale.

Today Saturday, Al-Ahly Bank Foreign Exchange Rates:

The dollar was flat at 17.64 against the Egyptian pound today and 17.74 against the pound.

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The euro exchange rate was also set against the Egyptian pound and recorded a buying price of 17.63 and a selling price of 17.83 pounds.

The pound sterling exchange rate stood against the Egyptian pound, registering a high of .15 21.15 for a buy and 21 21.33 for a sale.

The Kuwaiti dinar exchange rate was set against the Egyptian pound and was recorded at 49.54 pounds for buying and 52 pounds for sale.

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