February 7, 2023

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Rojina reveals the secret of promoting her new series in front of Kaaba

Rojina reveals the secret of promoting her new series in front of Kaaba

The Egyptian actress, “Rojina”, during the Umrah show, removed the critics who advertised her new series from her Facebook page and confirmed that she had handled them.

In an interview with the “Evening TMC” show on the Egyptian TMC channel, Rojina said: “After posting my picture in front of the Kaaba, I encountered a strange controversy and I announced the ‘Will’ series. They think about themselves.”

He added, “There were so many angry comments, I deleted everything because I did not listen to the negative ones, and there were those who wrote good comments for me and wished me a life where they could accept me.”

The reason why the Egyptian artist released her image from inside the Great Mosque of Mecca is that she always thanked God for everything and for the rest of her life, before starting any work, she used to perform Umrah using God. She is doing another Umrah work.

And he continued, “This year, my joy was high because God honored me with the success of the series and the new project” Will “series, so I wanted to thank God publicly.”

Rojina sparked widespread controversy when she posted the official poster of her new series “Will” and released a photo of herself holding her cell phone in front of the Kaaba.

Through her account on Facebook, “Rojina” commented on the photo: “Praise and thanks be to God .. Praise be to God to the end .. With your permission, Lord, you are making our lives a success. Siddham Ramadan 2023 Series .. With the blessings of your sanctuary, to us Provide comfort and success .. Wonderful writer Nasser Abdel Rahman, directed by Raoub Abdel Aziz.

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Rojina starred in the Ramadan season last season, starring in a series of “deviations” based on real events, and revolving around the mysterious drama of the characters’ deviations from human nature, and they clash with the psychiatrist who played Rojina.

The film stars Rojina alongside Lucy, Samiha Ayub, Abdel Aziz Magyon, Ahmed Fouad Saleem, Mohammad Lodfi, Rania Mahmood Yassin, Mohammad Gilani, Ahmed Safwat, Sama Ibrahim, Mido Adel and Mohammad Mahran. Raouf Abdel Aziz, attended the function.

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