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Palestinian writer Kareeb Asklani has died at the age of 74


Dubai: If you want to add something new to your playlist, a mix of Palestinian-Jordanian singer Dana Salah’s Arabic, Latin and Western music would be great.

Indie Salah, a pop artist known as King Deco, was announced last month by streaming service Spotify as the second ambassador for Equal Arabia.

As part of the Spotify campaign, the deity-based artist, who has lived in the United States for seven years, appeared on a billboard in the center of New York’s Times Square.

Salah Sama is the second ambassador to the Arabian Peninsula. (Submitted)

The singer, who saw the film “Kill Me”, told Arab News.

“It’s amazing because I do what I believe in – real music for my identity and my heritage,” he said.

“Seeing me on one of the biggest stages in the world, creating music in Arabic and expressing myself through my culture made me feel this wonderful. I don’t have to give up on who I am or where I come from.

Salah, who started her career as a musician and DJ, said she has received a lot of support from her community. It gives us great pleasure to see so many people celebrating this achievement as a success of the Jordanian art community, “he said.

The campaign seems to be working, Salah explained that his audience is already expanding around the world.

“I’m from Indonesia, I found you on Spotify and loved your voice,” he recalls reading a new listener comment online.

“It refers to the world,” Salah said.

Salah believes that music is universal and that his music not only introduces audiences to Arab culture, but also unites other cultures.

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He said, “That’s what I did in the Vino song. It blends traditional Arabic instruments with beats of Latin beats and western songs. I think there’s something very beautiful about mixing types. ”

“I’m crazy about taking two different things and putting them in one place. I live for it when it comes to art, but day by day – it puts me at the dinner table with so many different people, happy.

Her early influences were also different, with her mother and aunt introducing her to a series of concerts before speaking.

He told the Arab News, “They always sing The Sound of Music, and I’m very excited because I wanted to finish listening to the songs, especially Yodel’s song.” “I did not find interest in seeing the Little Mermaid until I was four or five years old.”

Commenting on his current list, the artist said: “I love songwriters Stevie Nix and Max Martin, and I adore Lana del Rey and Kanye West.

From discovering the inspiration of the Algerian artist Warda, to the use of the Egyptian singer um, tabla (double-hand drum) and rex (Middle Eastern tambourine) strings, Salah’s identity has been crucial to the eternity of Arabic art. You have “a thousand and one nights”.

Her scenes are just as important to her as the artist. He pays homage to the Arab world by expressing his love for Arab traditions in his videos and cover arts using the landscape, architecture, cultural elements and fashion of the Arab world.

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