June 7, 2023

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Penalty kicks Algeria advance to the Arab Cup semi-finals at the loss of Morocco

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Algeria qualified for the semi-finals of the Arab Cup with a 5-3 win over Morocco 2-2 at the end of regular and extra time in a thrilling match on Saturday.

Algeria hit all five of his feet, while senior goalkeeper Rice Embolhi saved a shot from Karim El Bergouin.

Algeria opened the scoring with a penalty kick awarded by the referee after a return to the VAR technique due to a mistake made by Mohamed CB against Youssef Bailey, and Yassin Brahimi successfully converted it in the 62nd minute.

Two minutes later, Mohamed Nahiri equalized for Morocco, with Abdelillah Hafidi sending a pass from a free kick that went past all of Algeria’s defenders.

In the 102nd minute, goalkeeper Anas Geniti took advantage of his exit from the net and in the 102nd minute, Blaley advanced back to Algeria with a stunning shot after mid-field.

Badr Bannon equalized for Morocco for the second time in the 111th minute with a free kick by Shefi.


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