March 27, 2023

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The insult comes in October 2022

In 2016, Serbian development team Ebb Software officially announced its new game, Scorn, a climate horror game originally expected to be available in 2017, but has been postponed until now. The developer has decided that the entire Xbox series and PC operating systems will be released in 2021.

Today, development team Ebb Software announced that the expected game, Scorn, Xbox Series and PC will be officially available in October 2022 and this time there will be no delay.

The developer has shared an in-depth update on the developer process and its progress, as well as an interview with game developers and a behind-the-scenes look at some of the game content still in development via the game page. Popular support site Kickstarter.

Ljubomir Peklar, CEO of Ebb Software Studio, said in a statement:

We are very happy to share more news about the game and its release date. Scorn has been a genuine interest of the entire studio. Atmosphere, Travel and Experience We want every Scorn moment to bring an emotional response and feeling to the players, we hope that the Scorn will keep the players engaged even after its conclusion, and look forward to sharing more news and updates with our community. Come closer to get started.

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