December 2, 2022

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Mental health of tennis players .. Discussions and solutions

Mental health of tennis players .. Discussions and solutions

Former world number one tennis player, American Chris Evert, has been called upon to discuss the effects of sporting matches on the mental health of players and players, after many outbursts of anger in the stadiums and collapse.
German tennis player Alexander Sverev was ejected from a match in Agabulco in February after he angrily smashed his racquet in the referee’s chair, while Australian player Nick Kyrgios was fined for withdrawing from the script at last month’s Indian Wells and Miami matches.

This week, the WTA warned that there would be severe penalties for misconduct in matches, but Evert said he was “concerned about the psychological well-being of male and female players”.

“I’m not making any judgments about the players, but the situation is worrying. Why do the players lose coolness, break rockets and do harm to others?” The former player told Eurosport TV.

“Why do some people get emotional and break down on the court? This is something to watch out for. This is something to be discussed. Tennis is a sport, not a life.”

Former world number one Victoria Azarenka has been knocked out of her MAME competition, saying she has felt “great pressure” in recent weeks.

Naomi Osaka of Japan highlighted the mental health of male and female athletes when they withdrew from some major tournaments and other tournaments in the 2021 season.

Polish world number one Iga Siandik spoke about the pressures he faced as a result of his sudden fame after winning the 2020 French Open title at a young age.

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“I’ve noticed many players get involved with sports psychologists,” Evert said, adding that he has won 18 major singles titles in his career.