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Phase II Integration | Learn about the expected indicators for science students

09:03 PM

Thursday 26 August 2021

Books – Ahmed Abdel Monim:

Today, Thursday, the first phase of coordination work for universities and institutions, which began last Saturday, ended for high school students who passed this year’s 2021 secondary exams (first round) with a minimum of 88.4% for the science section, 80% for the sports section and 65% for the literature section.

Phase II students are waiting for the date when Phase II students will begin to register for the university admission consolidation option, as the Phase II consolidation notice is scheduled to be announced after 72 hours. Results of the first phase integration.

Reduce coordination from 7% to 10% based on the indicators of the second phase of consolidation for the year 2020 and the decision of the Ministry of Higher Education.

The minimum limits for joining the second phase of university integration were last reached in 2020-2021.

The minimum score for admission in the science section is 317.5 and the rate is 77.4%.

The minimum threshold for joining the second phase of university integration for the literature sector is 278 degrees or higher, at a rate of 67.8%.

According to current high school data, second-tier integration is expected to decline by about 9%. % To 69%, and at least 60% to 58% for the second phase of the literature section.

(Masrawi) In the second phase compared to last year, the science section reviews the expectations of college integration for 2021:

– Faculty of Medicine, with a minimum score of 404, 98.5%, is expected to fall to a minimum of 88.5% to 91.5% this year.

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– Dental College Last year 403 degrees, with a rate of 98.2%, the minimum drop is expected to be 88.2% to 81.2%

– College of Pharmacy, with a minimum score of 402 at a rate of 98%, and a minimum score of 88% to 92%

– College of Physiotherapy, with a minimum score of 401.5, 97.9%, and a minimum score of 89.9% to 90.1%.

– College of Veterinary Medicine, with a minimum score of 398, 97%, and a minimum expected decrease of 87% to 91%

– College of Engineering, with a minimum score of 382, ​​a ratio of 93.1%, and a minimum expected reduction of 83.1% to 86.1%

– College of Nursing Technician, minimum score 335, 81.7%, and minimum expected decrease from 71.7% to 58.8%

– College of Agriculture, minimum score 334, or 81.4%, and minimum expected reduction from 71.4% to 74.4%.

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