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Physicians: compounds that cleanse the body of toxins.. They are delusional and profit oriented


Video clips of unidentified people are circulating on social media sites promoting complex drinks and popular concoctions that they describe as magic to cleanse the body and liver of toxins. “Detox” contains popular vegetable leaf and non-medicinal herbal blends. Their recipes have led to negative results for some of their users.

Followers of social media platforms reported that pages promoting magic concoctions to cleanse the body of toxins through video clips have proliferated significantly in recent months, as the concoctions are administered to people of different ages, some of whom are not even wearing medical uniforms. Physicians, to give an authoritative color to their personalities and increase the trust of their followers.

While doctors have warned of the dangers of ingesting these compounds as they can cause liver and kidney dysfunction, they emphasize that there are no medicinal compounds or drugs that cleanse the body of toxins other than drinking water, adequate sleep, a healthy diet, and exercise. , and promoting popular recipes or drinks through social media platforms is an illusion and their goal is financial gain and endangers the lives and safety of their users.

In detail, Abir Sidki, Siham Abu Shamala, Qamis al-Mashhour and Fawzi al-Saee said they followed pages on social media platforms of people claiming to be doctors on weight loss and nutrition, wearing medical uniforms and giving medical advice. Contains information through short video clips of not more than three minutes on a daily basis. Semi-medical about the dangers of toxins in the body and the importance of getting rid of them.

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They explained the way to get rid of toxins such as herbs and green leaves, coriander, celery, lemon peel, frankincense, cinnamon and some aromatic herbs, and they mentioned that some herbs and green leaves are mixed with different ones. Boil them in hot water at night and leave them to cool, drink them in the morning on an empty stomach or mix them with a mixer and drink them before going to bed.

All the recipes and combinations they mentioned caused them digestive problems and stomachaches, and some suffered from diarrhea and nausea, and the “detox” combinations caused them worse health effects. Had to make appointments with doctors for treatment.

Infectious Disease and Immunologist Dr. Jihad Saadeh cautioned against taking herbal concoctions or medicines to cleanse the body of toxins, as the body is an integrated system and does not need drinks or food with food.

It is gentle for “detox”, and it is enough for the body to take its daily requirement and to sleep enough hours daily to eliminate toxins, and the popular drinks or pills called “detox” are nothing more than superstitions, the purpose is commercial, and they cause health hazards because they contain raw Uninformed substances or certain herbs can negatively affect the functions of the liver and kidneys without being purified. For their failure, God forbid.

He explained that no drinks are needed to flush out toxins from the body, because by drinking vegetables like mint, beetroot or parsley with water, the benefit is in the water, not mixed with it, which is everyone’s goal. Advertising is to achieve “trends”, financial gain and promotion to their pages on social media.

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For his part, Dr. Adel Sajwani, a family medicine consultant, said that spreading some “detox” concoctions through social media to cleanse the liver and body of toxins is unlicensed and aims to laugh at people’s minds and make financial gains. The liver is the second most important organ of the body and is responsible for purification. The body is free of toxins and does not need a cleansing system. The healthiest way to cleanse toxins is through exercise and a healthy diet.

International studies have proven that healthy foods help the body flush out toxins, and unlicensed compounds and herbs are the main cause of liver toxicity. Symptoms of liver poisoning include jaundice, nausea and fatigue. This misinformation is aimed at inducing followers to make financial contributions to his account for financial gain without worrying about their health and medical information should only be taken from professionals.

For his part, Dr. Saif Darwish, official spokesperson of the Emirates Public Health Association, a social medicine expert, said that there is no substance that cleanses the body, and no drink will do any good to improve liver or kidney function. Drinking celery, mint, and parsley to help cleanse the body isn’t exact, but it’s beneficial for the body in the long run. The benefits of compounds spread on social media are false because they harm users, especially since most of these compounds are chemicals and their promoters laugh at patients by adding some valleys with compounds that reduce liver enzymes and concentrations. They are incorrect, which leads to side effects that can lead to liver and kidney failure.

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Followers: A significant proliferation of unknown and unlicensed pages promoting complex drinks and popular concoctions they described as magic to cleanse the body and liver of toxins.

Imprisonment and a fine of up to 500,000 dirhams are the penalties for advertising material with false data.

Federal Decree-Law on Combating Rumors and Cybercrimes No. 34, 2021 as per Section 48, states that the punishment for advertisement or promotion which misleads the consumer shall be imprisonment and a fine not less than fine, the state prosecution said. A fine not exceeding 20,000 dirhams and 500,000 dirhams, or one of these two fines, through an information network, information technology or website, who commits one of the following acts: promoting a product or service through false advertising or false data, and advertising, promotion, mediation, in any way A method involving the handling, or promotion, of a virtual currency, digital currency, stored value unit or unit of value that is not officially recognized in the country or any unit of payment licensed by a competent authority.

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