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Professor of Sociology: Driver in Jordan “4 in 1” – video


  • Al-Quzai: 40,000 more traffic accidents in 2021 than in 2020.
  • Al-Quzai: People who obey traffic rules are “oppressed”
  • Al-Hujarat: The reality of the situation on the streets of the capital and governorates indicates a lack of respect for others’ right to the road.
  • CC: 4,000 public safety personnel to monitor more than 1.4 million vehicles

Professor of Sociology, Dr. Hussein Quzai said the phenomenon of traffic accidents in Jordan was alarming, warning of what he described as “carnage” on the streets.

Today, Sunday, Al-Quzai added in the Roya TV program “The Pulse of the Country” that 40,000 traffic accidents have increased in 2021 compared to 2020, compared to 120,000 traffic accidents two years ago.

He pointed to the highest number of deaths as a result of traffic accidents in Jordan, where in 2020, it was 461 deaths, while in 2021 it rose to 589 deaths.

Al-Quzai considered people who obey traffic rules to be “oppressed”, saying that driving in Jordan is “setting out your dark side on the roads and roundabouts”.

He pointed out that there are distractions with the driver while driving, including (smoking, drinking coffee, using the phone and driving), describing the driver as (4 * 1) in the Kingdom.

Citing official statistics, he pointed out that 7% of traffic accidents in Jordan are caused by women, while the number of licensed female drivers reached 800,000, while the number of licensed male drivers reached 1,200,000.

For his part, the former director of the transport agency, retired Brigadier General Imad Al-Hujarat, said the reality of the situation on the streets of the capital and governorates indicated a lack of respect for the rights of others on the road.

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He also said that if fines for drivers who violate the rules are not increased, it is necessary to continue monitoring the violation through campaigns like using phones while driving and cutting traffic lights.

He called on the chambers to continue 24-hour campaigns against vehicles and drivers and keep a watchful eye on all violations at all times.

He pointed out that the abuses in the leadership are on the streets, some are being used for chaos.

In turn, Wafai Misis, head of the Jordanian Association for the Prevention of Road Accidents, said some drivers in Jordan behave differently when they are not in the car.

Messis explained the behaviors, the driver’s psychological discomfort while driving, “aggressive drivers”, which leads to violations and problems with other drivers on the road.

Pointing out that there are 4,000 public security personnel to monitor more than 1.4 million vehicles, he emphasized the need for supervision to curb violations by drivers on the roads.

He called for the installation of instant surveillance cameras on the offending driver and texted him that he had committed an offence.

Pointing out that the traffic safety system is the cause of accidents and high number of deaths, he demanded to reorganize it.

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