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Psychologists offer a magical way to defeat stress once and for all in life


Most people living under the pressure of responsibilities of modern life dream of a final solution to regain peace and overcome the hectic and exhausting feeling of distress and tension.

A Mayo Clinic report stated that some stress reduction techniques may seem comfortable and relaxing and require no physical activity, such as watching TV, surfing the Internet, or playing video games, but they are not sustainable and may increase stress levels. Over time.

Therefore, in late 2020, amid the aftermath of the Corona pandemic (Covid-19) and the resulting comprehensive shutdown that has had its impact on all aspects of life, psychologists from the Faculty of Health Sciences at the University of Manchester, United Kingdom, presented research that included a comprehensive strategy to counter… for stress The underlying causes are to reduce suffering, restore well-being and live a peaceful life, restoring the relationship with stress once and for all.

Researchers warn that distraction, relief, or distraction can relieve stress and lead to a short-term regain of control (pixels).

Traditional ways to deal with stress

Research provides a definition of stress or distress as “a feeling of loss of control caused by a person's failure to achieve and maintain things that are important to him.”

It manifests itself in everyday life in the form of mental problems such as “anxiety, nervousness, poor mood, lack of focus, weak motivation, desire for isolation and feelings of depression.” “High blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, weakened immune system, obesity, diabetes, heartburn, headaches, fatigue, eating and sleep disorders,” the Mayo Clinic reports.

The report recommends some practical solutions to reduce these symptoms, including:

  • Do physical activity regularly.
  • Relaxation, deep breathing or yoga.
  • Spend time with family and friends.
  • Practicing a favorite hobby, such as reading a book, listening to music, or going for a walk.
  • Avoid smoking, eat a healthy and balanced diet, and get enough quality sleep.
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Remember that it is up to you to decide the type of stress you feel and when and where you benefit best from each practice, as some of these methods may be more appropriate than others, and their effectiveness may vary depending on the circumstances.

Distraction or distraction from stress doesn't help reduce stress in the long run (Pixels)

A four-dimensional approach to stress management

This technique refers to 4 consecutive strategies beginning with the letter D, and is referred to by the term “4Ds” because it relies on a set of stages that help with emotional regulation, training flexibility, and problem-solving methods. , dilute, develop, discover:

Experts say that purposeful use of distraction techniques can be effective in confronting uncomfortable feelings by taking a break and focusing on interesting, useful, and pleasant activities, such as reading a book or taking a walk in the fresh air.

Just as the first step in first aid is to stop bleeding, the first step in dealing with stress according to the four-pronged approach is distraction, which means “distracting attention, ending acute distress, and giving the body and mind time to rest.”

But researchers have found that distraction — a term that describes internal processes such as hobbies, interesting daily activities, or daydreaming or daydreaming that can improve mood and divert attention from stressful feelings for a period of time — can reduce stress and lead to a more effective short-term regain of control, but at the same time In time, it may not solve long-term problems, and may even cause other problems.

For example, while working overtime creates distraction and increases a person's income, it comes at the expense of family time.

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Also, engaging in electronic media may provide a sense of distance from negative thoughts, but diverts attention from attending to urgent matters that need immediate attention.

Unhealthy work environment affects employees' psychological comfort and concentration - (pixels)
Additional work can help distract a person and increase his income, but it comes at the expense of time devoted to his family (pixels).

While distraction or taking attention away from stress doesn't do anything to relieve stress in the long term — and that's a good thing — researchers say we need to start moving toward longer-term fixes.

They explain that the source of long-term stress is not a lack of skills, but a conflict between ideals and priorities. For example, when an employee is being bullied by a co-worker, this may result in mixed feelings between asking for help to stop the bullying or moving past the situation to avoid being ridiculed or further bullied.

The importance of conflict resolution by knowing how to use psychological flexibility that allows a person to calm their nervous system in the midst of stressful situations by practicing relaxation techniques such as deep breathing, meditation or yoga. Help them cope calmly.

According to research, “Growth prepares for the final phase, including reminding yourself of your flexibility, strengths, and abilities, planning for the future, and identifying people who can help you face challenges. You feel more in control and ready to face future challenges.”

So, once you've gone some way to learning how to release some of the stress you're feeling right now, you need to set yourself up for long-term relief by moving into the “discovery” phase.

When you learn how to relieve stress, you can set yourself up for long-term relief (Shutterstock).

“Now that you are armed with more confidence and calmness, after fully facing the problem, we believe that your mind is ready to enter the phase of identifying the root causes of your stress, using cognitive control, and making plans to reduce them. The basis of mental health and well-being,” say the researchers. Free Writing practice can help you pinpoint the cause of your stress, allow ideas to come out, come to light, and know who you really are, not what others want from you, despite the difficult feelings it can sometimes raise.

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