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Successful result of the Fosa Championship for the Falconry


The current edition of the main Fassa Championship competition for the Falconry “Talwa” organized by the Hamdan Bin Mohammed Heritage Center in the Al Ruwaiya area of ​​Dubai was screened.

Following the run of the juniors came a key chick, in which Hamdan Suhail al-Kindi excelled with a bird of “56” in 21,949 seconds, followed by Rashid Hamdan al-Kindi with a bird of “6” and a third by Ahmed Thani with a bird called “D23” by al-Muhairi.

Due to the weather, the organizing committee decided to hold the remaining matches on January 29.

The end of the championship was held with the runs of Jir Shaheen Al-Shuyuk, and in the “Razi Chick” run saw the “F3” topped the “S10” bird and the “M7” the “amazing” bird. Third is the “B” bird with the “F3”. K “.

“M7” won the codename “Jernas” with the bird “Spears”, followed by Al Tafra with the bird “S26”, and thirdly, al-Yilas with the “F3” bird “3”. The main flow of chicks, with the bird “B29”, followed by “M”. RM “J1” with bird, and “F3” with third, and “F3” with first bird in the main Jernas run.

The “F3” bird won first place with “016”, the same team finished second with “013” and the third with “Al-Ylayes” bird “B27”.

Dmiton Bin Zuaiden, chairman of the organizing committee of the championship, noted that this year’s high level of participation and the desire to win first places for all of the top ranks was due to the Falconers’ continued search and interest in training to preserve this traditional sport. That, and this championship provides an annual goal for all researchers.

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