March 28, 2023

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رامز جلال وبدر بانون

Rames Jalal Badr mocks Badr Pink poem: A difference with a paste … Half Army Chess News

Al-Ahly Club player Badr Bannon was a guest on today’s episode of MBC Egypt’s “Ramez Movie Star” mischievous show, and artist Rameez Jalal presented his key features in the defense line.

Rames Jalal said: “Our star is seldom seen in stadiums, with a rare coin on the 18th line, and very powerful shots like a sari breaking in front of him on a wall, and with his arrival he kissed life. For the safety of the Al-Ahly Club, he cut many on the track, And he sat down on the bench with an adult. “

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After the arrival of Ramez Badr Banoon he turned his attention to the teasing remarks: “Abu Fasada Reserve Chairman is among us.”


Rams teased the guest’s clothes and hair and said, “What is this fungus pants? These are pants or knickers, these are glass or binoculars. See if the ship is coming to us, there is a difference in his hair. A bottle knife.”

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He added when he was in the caravan: “When he raised his hand, he looked like a windmill, dressed in carpenters’ clothes, and he was half an army with chess.”

The idea behind this year’s “Ramez Movie Star” show revolves around forcing a guest or guest to take part in an action movie, starring international star Jean-Claude Van Dam as the hero facing the onslaught of Lake residents. With them, and in the case of running a sports celebrity, he is inspired to take part in the promotion for a great product.

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Guests are then chased by motorcycles and cars on the lake by residents, and are chased by numerous explosions and difficult situations while escaping in a cart, and they are intimidated by Rames Jalal, who secretly replaces Van Tom with a snake. Eventually the cart stops with a terrifying crocodile on the edge of a metal bridge that hangs over a lake.

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