March 29, 2023

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آخر تطورات حالة كريم فهمى الصحية بعد إصابته بجلطة فى الرئة

Recent improvements in the health of Kareem Fahmi, who suffered a stroke in the lungs

The artist’s health has improved Kareem Fami After a pulmonary embolism over the past few hours, he was transferred to a private hospital for treatment, and the medical team continued to perform first aid and medical tests to dissolve the blood vessel, after which he would leave the hospital to recover.

Fashion designer and artist Nada Akram, through the Instagram Story feature, released a picture of artist Kareem Fahmi while lying in a hospital bed yesterday and revealed that he was unwell so he was immediately transferred to the hospital and commented on the photo, “God willing, he violated well, You are rising. ” With security “.

Kareem Fami

Kareem Fami returned from Abu Dhabi to stay in Abu Dhabi, where Kareem celebrated on his Instagram account and posted pictures of himself with Abu Dhabi singer Rami Jamal: “Thank you very much the Abu Dhabi government and its leadership for giving me a place to stay in the country.” My thanks and respect to the leadership and people of the United Arab Emirates.

Kareem Fahmi recently announced that he was ready to present the second part of the film “Tido” which was recently shown in theaters and co-starred with Baomi Fat, Ahmed Fati, Hamdi Al-Mirgani, Mohammad Darwat, Hota Al-Mufti and many more, and in the honor guest group, Ahmed Fahmi, Hisham Makat and Sheko, screenplay and dialogue by Kareem Fahmi and direction by Amr Salah. Movement.


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