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Reham Saeed put his plan on hold after my family, Ratif and Wafi referred to the judiciary.


Egyptian Media, Reham Said (archive)

Sunday, May 14, 2023 / 15:58

Egyptian media outlet Reham Said apologized to the families of the late artists Mamdouh Wafi and Ahmed Ratib after the names of the late artists Mamdouh Wafi and Ahmed Ratib were implicated in a 2001 incident in which artist Wafa Maki tortured two domestic workers.

And in a post on Facebook, he announced that he would stop showing “Sabaya Al Shams” this week, citing “health reasons”.
Saeed said, “I apologize for not appearing in my episodes this week due to health reasons. Another thing that has nothing to do with illness. I swear to God, I never thought someone would be upset with me. I always speak. My heart.”
He further added, “I apologize to the families of artiste Mamdu Wafi and artiste Ahmed Ratif for airing this show. Artists certainly know more.”
Saeed confirmed that no news was aired on his show without evidence or documents, but it was “impossible” to find them as the case took place 23 years ago.

And he mentioned that he apologized live: “It’s normal for artists to stand side by side in crises, but if the news is not true, I apologize a million times, the most important thing is that no respectable person is ever. Bear with me, apologies will be made, because these are the policies of the profession, not for any reason. “Again, if God pleases and heals me.”
Saeed concluded his post by saying, “I thank Dr. Ashraf Zaki a million times for his continued support for me and for artists living and dead.”

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Wafi and Ratif families

Saeed faced anger from the families of Ahmad Ratib and Mamdooh Wafi, highlighting their relationship with the case of artist Wafa Maki over the torture of the two workers.
Lamia Ratib, through her Facebook account, asked Reham or any of the preparers in the project to prove what she said with evidence within 48 hours or withdraw her statement.

Ahmed Ratif’s daughter pointed out that she does not believe that anyone agrees with this report about her dead father, who has nothing to do with the artist Wafa Maki, but follows the course of the case from the newspapers like any other. Egyptian people.

For her part, artiste Yasmin Wafi, daughter of the late Mamdu Wafi, decided to sue Saeed.
And he said on Facebook: “The family of late artiste Mamdu Wafi, we deny what Reham Saeed mentioned in her show about late artiste’s relationship with artiste Wafa Maki, and the family confirms that it is Mamdu Wafie. The issue has not been named in any of the hearings or court rulings either remotely or remotely since the issue was raised.
Further, “The family has since yesterday taken all legal actions related to defamation and slander in the name of late artiste Mamtu Wabi without evidence or evidence, except that the above legal actions will not be stopped. With an official apology from the channel, the show and the broadcast.”
In 2001, Maki was accused of torturing two workers and sentenced to 10 years of hard labor, but the sentence was later reduced to 3 years, so he graduated in 2004.

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