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Menna Shalabi draws attention again with “Sunset Oasis” and “Hamooda Al-Ashek”


Menna Shalabi topped the search engines on social networking sites due to the re-broadcast of the “Sunset Oasis” series and the film “Hamuda al-Ashek” in the movie “The Magician”.

Series “Sunset Garden”

The CBC drama channel has announced that the series “The Sunset Oasis” starring Khalid Al-Nabawi and Menna Shalabi will be released on Cairo daily at 6 pm daily. Ramadan of 2017, it will be rebroadcast permanently on most channels.

The “Sunset Oasis” series is an adaptation of the 2008 Booker Prize-winning Booker Prize-winning novel by Baha Tahar, and directed by Kamila Abu Zakri. Lebanon Carol al-Hajj, Ahmad Kamal. , Rushdie Al-Shami, Mahmoud Masood, Nahid Rushdie, Tonia Maher, Louie Omran, Khalid Kamal, Maha Nasser and artist Raja Hussain.

Events are about the story of an Egyptian police officer (Mahmoud Abdel-Zahr) who was transferred to Siva Oasis after the defeat of the Urabi Revolution in the late 19th century; After being accused of implementing some revolutionary ideas of Jamal al-Din al-Afghani, he goes there with his foreign wife (Catherine), who is interested in Egyptian archeology, where they begin a new experience mixed with the past. With the present and the East West in human and civilized conditions.

“Hamuda” is a picture of Menna Shalapi’s girlfriend

On the other hand, the pioneers of social media shared the image of a young man named “Hammooda” who played Menna Shalabi’s boyfriend in the seductive film “Sari Al-Najjar”.

Sari al-Najjar began her relationship with cinema in the 1999 film Paradise of the Devils with the late director Osama Fawzi, her inventor in the role of Adele, alongside artist Mahmoud Hamida and Lepleba.

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Osama Fawzi saw him in a theater, he gave a theatrical performance, he asked for a performance in the film “Paradise of the Demons”, and the cast chose him from the thousands of nominees at the time because it was an advertisement. Published in a newspaper.

Sari al-Najjar said it was his first experience in a “paradise of demons” and that Osama Fawzi, who was not fluent in Arabic, had been greatly helped by most of his presentations at an American university. He played the character in the film and was accompanied by Amr Waqt, Salah Fahmi and Caroline Khalil, and began rehearsals in his downtown office..

Menna Shalabi said in an earlier interview with The Magician: “My uncle slapped me when he found out that my colleague Sari al-Najjar had kissed me in a scene from The Wizard movie, and Mahmoud Abdel Aziz reassured her. The kisses they performed and the fact that she was on her cheeks until she saw the movie and slapped her on the cheeks after watching these scenes, my argument was lost, of course I was young, it was the hardest day of my life. “

After a few films, Paradise of the Devils, the City, the Wizard, Autumn of Adam and Dale Al Samaka, Sari Al-Najjar disappeared for many years and then appeared in the Jordanian series Mokhawi Al Deeb, but he never did it again. Experience.

Sari al-Najjar currently lives in Sweden with his family away from the cinema and lighting.

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