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Resurrected .. Why did Jose Mourinho cry?


After winning the European Conference League title, Mourinho appeared to be crying again. He cries for some of the many that are within him, so why did Mourinho cry?

  • Resurrected .. Why did Jose Mourinho cry?

Athletes are always looking for success and platforms. In these moments they cry, and in moments of failure and failure, but the fall prompts them to rise again and again. As they reached the brink of glory and passed, they shed tears of joy.

The masterpieces in the history of the game are a reflection of all the difficulties they experienced in achieving the titles. On the night of the European Conference League final, the new tournament in Europe, its first season began in 2021-2022, Roma won and won a title, the first European titleBut this is the fifth time for his Portuguese coach Jose Mourinho that he has shed tears twice after winning the final and qualifying for the final at the loss of Leicester City, but the question is: Why did Mourinho cry?

Mourinho may have wept as he went through some very difficult years, from the time he joined Inter Milan in Europe in 2010, to becoming one of the most important competitive coaches in the world with Real Madrid and a coach who has been accused by Chelsea and Porto before him. Although he won 3 titles with Manchester United, including the European League, he finished second in the English Premier League for being the “worst” coach to suffer at Tottenham. He was dropped from “Spurs” training.

Mourinho seemed to want to say with tears in his eyes that he was still thirsty for competition and titles because he wanted to prove his presence among the greats. There is no doubt that he has a spark that will motivate him to take Roma further from the European Conference League, and playing in 5 European finals and winning them will not be easy.

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Mourinho has not lost his desire to compete. He cried because he lived under so much pressure. The “naked” man in the face of the media is, after all, a man. Mourinho does not like defeat, but must tell the truth: “Success is special.”

After the semi-final and his tears after the qualifier, Jose said: “I cried because everyone who loved this club had my feelings. I’m lucky to have played in more important finals, but the family atmosphere here, based on the way we’re made, makes me feel special. “

Mourinho was born again in Rome

  • Resurrected .. Why did Jose Mourinho cry?
    Resurrected .. Why did Jose Mourinho cry?

Mourinho chose Rome in search of some peace. He wanted to get rid of all the pressure in the UK, but the camera loves him and the news follows him. In the Italian capital, things were quiet, the environment there was ready for Jose to build a team without tension, he even softened his “stabbing” responses at press conferences and tried to win the hearts of his players, returning to the forefront. Again, this happened after his crown championship, the value of which has not yet increased, especially since it is a new competition (UEFA Europa Conference League). Aside from its importance, most people sing Mourinho’s song “Special One”. He occupied the means of communication as if he were loved by all his enemies and his club fans and his fans.

From day one in Rome, Mourinho needed some time. His start in the Italian league was good and promising, but the results did not slip. So, Mourinho turned his vision to European conquest, albeit a simple one. Nevertheless, he qualified for the European League without believing in the European crown because he finished the season in sixth place.

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With the moderate number of clubs participating in the Modern European Championship, Mourinho may have thought that some discipline and ability to organize teams would be appropriate to win the title, which was eventually achieved.

But the European crown with Roma opened a new page in the history of the Portuguese coach. Mourinho played in 5 European finals, won all of them and became the first coach to win European titles with 4 different clubs.

Mourinho has won the Porto European Champions League title since his first match, and was crowned the same team with the first European League title he played in. Mourinho has won the Champions League twice and the European League twice, leading Roma to a historic title and finishing 5/5.

The Portuguese coach has no plans to leave Roma and is looking forward to next season with the team. He said: “I’m undoubtedly staying, despite some speculation, that I want to be with Roma. We need to understand what the club owners want, they are the best. We can build a strong plan. Really professional people.”

“I feel like I belong to Roma, but that’s the way I work. I’m a fan of Porto, Inter and Chelsea and I adore Real Madrid. Now, I’m a fan of Roma. I’m all of this club, because we spent time together.”

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