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The Institute of Technological Innovation introduces “Noor”, the world’s largest natural processing model for the Arabic language.


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The Institute of Technology Innovation, the Global Research Center and the Applied Research Division of the Advanced Technological Research Council, has announced the launch of “Noor”, the world’s largest Arabic language natural processing model to date.

To implement this initiative, the Institute’s team of researchers, high – tech engineers and artificial intelligence experts in the field of artificial intelligence collaborated with LightOn, a technology company that provides large-scale machine intelligence applications to companies. In the field of Arabic natural processing models. The Noor model performs tasks on multiple domains only on the basis of the default language algorithms.

To create the thread, a team of researchers from the Institute of Technology Innovation worked to collect high-quality big data in Arabic and integrate it with the artificial intelligence algorithms used in the process. Researchers have worked to develop advanced services for large-scale training and distribution to provide efficient and specialized applications.

Dr. Ray O. Johnson, CEO of the Institute of Technology Innovation and Aspire: “This development ensures that we are moving in the right direction to improve our research capabilities and capabilities for artificial intelligence and to elevate Abu Dhabi and the United Arab Emirates to the forefront.” The research ecosystem, our expert teams have once again demonstrated the potential for achieving research results in this region and developing advanced technologies that affect the entire world.

Dr. Iftisham Al Masroui, Director of the Institute’s Artificial Intelligence Division, said: “Large language models have revolutionized natural language processing. “Noor” is the result of the team’s continuous effort and tireless efforts over the past few months to compile a unique Arabic database.

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Professor Marwan Thiba, a senior researcher at the Institute’s Artificial Intelligence Division and Center for Digital Science Research, said: “Through Noor, the company has expanded the natural language processing into the standard for modern Arabic. By integrating large language models with the new generation of artificial intelligence technologies to create advanced experiences and a wide variety of applications. “

Noor’s Big Data Set is the world’s largest high-end Arabic database that integrates Internet data, books, poetry, news and technical information to expand the model’s use.

Abdul Aziz Al Shamsi, an artificial intelligence researcher and PhD student at the Institute, said: “As an Emirati researcher, I am proud to be a part of the Institute for Technology Innovation. I enjoy interacting with and working with interested researchers and practitioners. Adds immense value.While working with them, I have learned advanced technical skills that will support my career and lead me as a researcher.The world beyond the boundaries of the NLP.Training workshops have helped us improve our skills and learn new ideas and provided us with the appropriate tools to implement the Noor project . “

Dr. said that the “Noor” model was based on the architecture of the famous “Transformer”. Iptism Al-Masroui said that it has a GPT-3-like configuration and uses only the decryption model. The Noor model is designed to handle advanced tasks that reflect the latest advances in the world of machine learning, and include a number of improvements, such as increasing the efficiency of word-coding code. To ensure that Noori’s data quality improves on a scale, the Institute team has designed automated filtering tools based on machine learning techniques that identify sample performance and quality references and protect them from unwanted content.

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Using the advanced 3D parallelism approach, Noor was trained on a high-performance computer with 128 A100 GPUs, which allows the distribution of calculations and ensures efficient use of resources.

Dr. Iftis al-Masroui pointed out that this is only the first step in the company’s efforts to contribute to the United Arab Emirates’ strategy for artificial intelligence by supporting the process of integrating artificial intelligence in key economic sectors.

The project “Noor” was chosen to represent the global contribution of the United Arab Emirates to advanced technology and artificial intelligence, and to coordinate the relationship between the Arabic language model and mindfulness.


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