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Rojina describes her moments of success, her failures and the injustice in her life (video)


Rated star Rojina He described his long artistic career, which he began at a young age, with moments of success and failure, and what he revealed to the shadows: “My journey is so long, there are many failures, and there are many successes, thank our Lord. Her generosity, and with each series and its creations, I will start again, I wish for the first time, I think this is the best thing about me as an actress, I will love this for the rest of my life. In the first year of a company I learn from everyone from the youngest actor to the oldest, from the director, from behind the camera, and I like a little girl in art because I love a little girl in art. Want to learn.

During the Seventh Day Symposium, Rojina added: “My happy journey with him, I have worked with some of the most important directors and writers in Egypt, and I am delighted to have passed on the experience of Professor Youssef Sahin on my journey, which is a great thing. Because he’s a great schoolgirl.I do not characterize one day.I do not like her or want to talk about her.All my characters love and respect her, every choice I made had its own circumstances and time to accept or reject the character.

Our soul continued: “I do not have moments of sorrow because sorrow always delays me. I have had many periods, I was frustrated, I did not sit at home and work for two and three years, but I saw that our Lord’s choice was right, because in this period of my daughters I was with them. Be that as it may, Ashraf, my journey, was arranged by the Almighty God, because I worked hard and our Lord crowned me with my fatigue.If I leave the series of my heroism, it will happen, and praise be to God.

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Regina expressed injustice in her life, saying, “A lot, I’ve felt injustice, you feel injustice when you have a character, it’s taken from you when you’ve been in his opinion. When you run and deal with a series. It will oppress you in this way, whether it is your character or something else.

Rojina pointed out: “The feeling of injustice at work is great, but this injustice is broken and depressing, but rather a person who hates those around us. I feel that this injustice, our Lord, will reward me weakly.”

“Seventh Day” star Rojina and director Raouf Abdel Aziz hosted a technical seminar, celebrating with them the success of their latest series “Dissociation” shown last Ramadan, and were welcomed by journalist-writer Amr Sahsa. Akram Al-Qassas, Head of the Arts Department and Journalist Writer, Rojina, Director of the Board of Directors and Seventh Day Editor, and Director Raouf Abdel Aziz were honored for the series.

Rojina, Lucy, Samiha Ayub, Abdel Aziz Makyon, Ahmed Fouad Saleem, Mohamed Lotfi, Rania Mahmoud Yassin, Mohamed Gilani, Ahmed Safwat, Wisso, Sama Ibrahim, Mido Adel, have been cast in the series. Sala, written by Ezra Raqqa, Mustafa Sehyab and many young artists, directed by Raouf Abdel Aziz.

The seventh day deviation honors the makers of the series

Journalist Akram Al-Qassas honors artist Rojina

Actress Regina

Actress Rojina and Raoub Abdel Aziz and journalist Amr Sahsa

Actress Rognia and director Raoub Abdel Aziz

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