June 7, 2023

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Ronaldo's betrayal of Real Madrid cooks on quiet fire!

Ronaldo’s betrayal of Real Madrid cooks on quiet fire!

London – “Al Quds Al Arabi”: There have been widespread reports in the Catalan media about Barcelona’s return to action against Real Madrid legend Cristiano Ronaldo, with rumors circulating that his agent Jorge Mendes has traveled to Manchester. Don in “Theater of Dreams”.

Several British newspapers also reported that the Portuguese agent flew to the north of England on Sunday evening and held a critical meeting with the Madeira missile and decision-makers at the behest of the mega star. Suitable for the next stage from the situation of the team and the confusion and instability of the management on the coach.

And the global “goal” website quoted Spanish sources as saying that Blue Grana leader John Laborda had reconsidered yesterday’s rivalry, adding that coach Xavi Hernandez needed a top scorer in the last three with Cristiano’s profiles, and that there was a strong possibility of Barca joining Agent Mendez ‘ .

Spanish sources have explained that Ronaldo betrayed his former club Real Madrid, claiming that his agent was pressuring him with all his might to put Cristiano’s name on the Catalan giant table, now cooking over a quiet fire. Between 2009 and 2018 he was hostile to Barca throughout his stay at Valdebapos.

The report attributes Ronaldo’s sudden dissatisfaction with the agent’s trip to Manchester and the lack of planning and clarity throughout the project, especially after Germany coach Ralph Ranking’s temporarily handed over the task, which makes him a better star. The agent of the need to look for a new challenge, because he is not comfortable with the coach his thoughts on a personal level or on a professional level.

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In the end, the situation of Cristiano’s separation from Manchester United, if the current team situation continues until the end of the season, or in other words, if the team fails to reach a major title or fails to get a quarter. Qualifying points for the Champions League, while occupying it, United finished seventh in the Premier League table with 21 points from leading neighboring Manchester City and 4 points from the Champions League standings.

The historic Real Madrid and Portuguese national team historian returned to his old home in “Old Trafford” in Mercado last summer in protest of Juventus’ tragic situation in his third and final season in football paradise. He has scored 14 goals in addition to 3 assists in 21 appearances in the English Premier League and European Champions League.