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Fish driving a “car” … Scientists shocked by bizarre test results … Photos and video


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From time to time, scientists carry out exciting experiments with the intention of studying the events or bringing some conclusions, but one of the experiments used by a team of researchers on a small fish recently turned out to be one of the most bizarre and exciting experiments.

Also spread widely in the scientific community and on social media, the most bizarre video of a fisherman being described can be described as a “water car” in which machines were fitted and a goldfish drove its strange car around the room. A study by a team aimed at understanding how goldfish move in their environment.

Samma rides in his water car “on an inverted submarine”

Goldfish and many other species roam the depths of the water in search of food or shelter, but scientists do not understand how these fish can move “in the water”, i.e. in their environment. Fish swimming between corals has its own brain networks that benefit humans on Earth, so the team concluded, according to a study published Journal of Behavioral Brain ResearchBehavioral brain research Take the fish out and observe it on the ground, i.e. outside its environment.

“Since the fish could not survive without water, we had to build this inverted submarine.”

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Shachar Jevon

He holds a PhD from Ben-Gurion University in Israel

This submarine, called a Fish Vessel (FOV), is a plastic fish tank mounted on a small platform with wheels, and can be driven by a goldfish swimming in the tank.

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But Jevon and his co-researchers at Ben-Gurion University in Israel have proven that the “fish car” is more than just a fun event because they have to give the fish a place to go.

In the study, 6 goldfish were trained to experiment in the field of vision within the fishery, and according to the researcher, “training was the easiest part. I kept them in a position to learn what was going on around them.”

Amazing results that will surprise some

At first, the movement of each fish was irregular as it swam from side to side in its floating tank, but eventually, according to Jevon, the fish began to connect points, and its movements became quieter and more purposeful.

The researcher said in DExpressions for “live science” Science says, “If you load a car for the first time without saying anything about it, they will realize what is important in the steering wheel as the car travels … The same goes for fish, they feel it slowly, but on their own”.

At first, the experiments were very simple, but as the experiment progressed, the researchers placed a pink paper square on the ground from the car, where the researchers rewarded each fish that passed this square.

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After a few days, the random movement of the car in the room turned into a direct movement towards the specific target “square”, but the researchers considered this goal to be simple, so the researchers placed obstacles and imaginary targets in the room. Tries to force the fish to adapt to changes in its environment, but once the fish gets used to these barriers, they are simply able to cope.

“This research indicates that goldfish can learn to move not only to specific environments, such as coral reefs, but also to completely unfamiliar environments.”

Shachar Jevon

He holds a PhD from Ben-Gurion University in Israel

Researchers are studying how fish learn to travel long distances and in different situations. “We want the fish to go out and move into the natural human environment,” Jevon said. This will allow researchers to observe how fish make decisions in a very powerful unfamiliar way. Circumstances.

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