December 2, 2022

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"Won't you regret not telling me, sir?"  !

“Won’t you regret not telling me, sir?” !

With the decision of the Syndicate of Musical Professions, the problem of singer Omar Kamal stopping singing at festivals continues.
After the union accused him of “insulting national symbols”, the latter commented on the decision with surprise, after sending a letter of apology to the artist, saying in Egyptian language, “I want to know who the national symbols are that insulted national symbols.” Honey Shaker.

He further added in a media statement that some channels had published false news about his concerts in the United States, forcing him to go out and defend himself.
He also explained that the crisis started from the spread of a clip of his words during a live broadcast on Facebook, in which he responded to those who told him: “Honey Shaker will be in your favor.” Personal Kamal: No. It’s more likely to be someone like you, because I’m not right.

He continued, “I was surprised by the result of the suspension. I do not know why. I sent an apology to Professor Honey Shaker. I may have been angry because I did not mention the word of a professor before his name, but I did not receive a reply.

“Why did I stop? I’m sure of the end of the association. I work in a band. I’m going to the association as soon as I return to Egypt,” he said.

Kamal, who spoke about the artist, confirmed that he had deleted the video, including Honey Sehgar, and that he would continue to delete it by presenting his opinion on live broadcast videos.

In addition, according to, Kamal concluded by sending a message to artist Honey Shaker: “I did not hurt you, and I sent you videos of the channel that hurt you. I did not mention the word professor. Your name does not diminish your destiny,” It came. “

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