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Salt, yeast and hormones… Morocco deals with the fattening tactics of sacrificial animals


Branches of the National Health Security Office known by the acronym “UNSA” recently seized sheep heads suspected of being fattened by chicken droppings in Kenifra and referred them to a breeder. cattle Relating to public litigation.

Some goat herders are baptized Morocco Using illegal methods to increase the amount of sacrifices at the time of registration and display them at higher prices, which negatively affects the quality of meat.

Morocco is offered as a case in point Eid al-Adha Of great importance to the health aspect of the sacrifices, the first is the counting process, through a set of measures taken by the authorities, by checking the quality of the herd and combating all kinds of fraud and fraud that consumers may be exposed to. Sacrifice.

The numbering process by means of a plastic ring with a specific serial number for each sacrifice helps consumers trace the source of the sacrifice if the meat is registered as rotten after slaughter, a result of some goat breeders illegally butchering the meat. Ingredients in sheep fattening process.

According to official figures, the supply of livestock destined for slaughter during Eid al-Adha this year is estimated at 7 million sheep and the demand at 6 million.

Strict control

During Eid al-Adha, veterinarians in Morocco are keen to monitor fattening units in different parts of the Kingdom, inspect the feedstuffs supplied to cattle, and monitor the drinking water allocated to herds. fair use. For veterinary medicine Respect the conditions of proper nutrition.

According to Dr. Badr Tanshri Al-Wassani, President of the National Council of the National Association of Veterinarians, products For Eid al-Adha It has been started since the beginning of the current year and for this, the Animal Services has prepared a database which includes all the data related to the animal breeders who want to prepare, market and sell the sacrifices during Eid.

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Al-Wassani said in a statement to “Sky News Arabia” that the National Health Protection Office is carrying out the process of counting the victims and collecting the necessary information, and citizens to monitor the path of the victim in case of any complaints.

He explained that doctors are working to monitor the health of the herd by creating sacrificial breeders. This year, 20 million sheep have been vaccinated against PPR and smallpox, and 5 million goats have been vaccinated against PPR.

On the other hand, Al-Wassani pointed out that public sector doctors make surprise visits to randomly selected sites and take samples. feeder and water to undergo analyzes to help detect attempts at cheating in the fat process, as well as tightening control over the use of drugs.

The president of the National Council of the National Association of Veterinarians pointed out that there are many ways that some ranchers are unaware of the benefits of control, including mixing chicken waste with feed to increase carcass weight. and fought back by tightening controls on poultry farmers and imposing strict conditions on the waste disposal process. Chicken Track its route and ensure that it is used as fertilizer for agricultural purposes.

Countering deceptive tactics

Some cattle breeders resort to roundabout methods to achieve rapid fattening and financial gain, such as sacrifices such as salt, water, some yeast products and poultry waste, or the use of stimulants that include proteins and hormones.

Bouazza Al-Kharti, head of the Moroccan University for Consumer Protection, said the process of counting sacrifices, monitored by branches of the National Health Protection Office, involves placing a yellow ring with a serial number on each sacrifice. The slaughter was urgently needed after several sacrifices had been exposed to rot five years earlier.

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Al-Karthi pointed out in a statement to “Sky News Arabia” that this process, which allows tracking the path of the sacrifice during the event of decay, is an effective way to protect consumers from fraud or fraud when purchasing the Eid sacrifice. , some veterinarians refer to the use of prohibited substances Markets.

In order to ensure the safety of citizens’ health and to counter such behavior, Al-Ghardi drew the attention of consumers to the need to ensure that the ear of the victim has a ring that includes a serial number before purchasing.

On the other hand, Al-Karthi called to avoid slaughtering indoors and to go to equipped slaughterhouses provided by public authorities that respect health safety standards and are under the supervision of veterinary services.

Tips to ensure the safety of sacrifice

Veterinarians in Morocco are working to intensify communication campaigns with citizens, to bring them closer to the procedures to follow when buying a victim, and to provide the necessary advice on slaughtering the victim and storing the meat.

The President of the National Council of Veterinarians laid great emphasis on the plastic number ring carried by the sacrifices and pointed out the need to keep it after the slaughter process to be used when necessary, and gave advice to the citizens. , signs of fatigue and lethargy during Eid, including choosing an active sacrifice and avoiding those who appear in it.

He also recommended that the eye of the sacrifice should be pink, no discharge from its nose, no signs of diarrhea and its mouth should be observed to ensure that it is free of any infectious diseases. or abdominal swelling.

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He also asked that conditions be respected A healthy slaughter Relying on professional butchers as much as possible, avoiding blowing the victim into the mouth, checking the internal organs of the victim for any unusual markings or discolouration and, if necessary, requesting investigations from fully staffed veterinary officers. Festival days.

Al-Wassani also pointed out that six hours after slaughter is sufficient time to start cutting Sacrifice Store them inside the freezer at a suitable cool temperature in light of high temperatures.

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