March 28, 2023

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Saviris challenges Honey Shaker .. The door to El Gauna is open

Saviris challenges Honey Shaker .. The door to El Gauna is open

Egyptian businessman Nakuib Saviris has rejected a decision by Egyptian musicians to ban festival singers from singing at the syndicate, despite his invitation to everyone to attend the El Ghouna festival, which opened the door for them to attend. .

“When I first see the captain of a band of singers who are proud to have banned the song, the audience will decide, who will not, not the captain,” Saviris wrote on his Twitter page.

He added, “God willing, all of these people will be singing at the El Gauna festival, which is private money with your permission.”

Last Wednesday, a syndicate of musicians in Egypt banned 19 festival singers from singing in the country.

Musician Honey Shaker, head of the Syndicate of Musicians in Egypt, said the list of those who could not sing in shows and films was low and that they could do so on YouTube as the syndicate had no authority over the site.

Ensuring that the singers against whom the decision was made could be sung outside of Egypt, Shaker stressed that “it is forbidden to do so within a stage, advertisement or show.” According to “Sputnik”

He pointed out that these names include illiterate people who have no connection with the union and those who work illegally.

Singers banned from singing: Hamo Becca, Hassan Shakash, Coriander, Throat, Mustafa Zakaria, Abu Laila, known as “Muslim”, Ahmed Qasim, known as “Philo”, Ahmed Mosa, Hamo Diga, Richa Costa. , Samara, Shawaha. Walt Selim, “The Gang,” “The Leader,” Ala Fifty, “High Heels” Band, Maggie Shatta, “Ways,” “Shock,” and Amar Haha.

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