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The first paycheck I received was 136 beasts, and “the philosopher said” my life plan


You are now following the news of Samira Abdel Aziz’s message: The first paycheck she received was 136 Beasts and the “The Philosopher Said” Omari project exclusively on our website.

Cairo, June 1, 2022 Wednesday 12:53 pm – Mohamed El-Sayed – / 701273 / Samira-Abdul-Aziz-first-paid-he-paid-136-piast-and-the-filosopher-my-program-said

Point Bay It tracks the statements of Samira Abdel Aziz

Statements by Samira Abdel Aziz

Artist Samira Abdel Aziz expressed her delight through her radio show “The Philosopher Chat”, which has been suspended for 40 years. People became very attached to him, and when we stopped, people asked, and we continued for forty years. ”

And he added: “So far, it’s still airing and coming back again, there are even thousands of episodes … I’ll meet people who say we’re learned Arabic from you, and I’m glad this show helped someone learn the Arabic language and its correct pronunciation. ”

During his statements, the late Hafiz Abdel Wahab noted that he had chosen to present the famous radio show: “I was originally from Alexandria, then the director of Alexandria Radio. He was sitting lame.”

The beginning of Samira Abdel Aziz on the radio

And artist Samira Abdel Aziz continued: “My sister, what do you say, the voice of an educated person? You sold me to the director of cultural events. He told me to leave the project and they chose. For a program that the philosopher told me, I was upset at that moment and said, “Take me a quarter hour program and give me a five minute program.”

And she concluded: “Say it’s a daily show, it’s aired on the radio every day, and I’m very happy with it. I got paid 136 pies.”

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Ahmed Siam: “Working with Adel Imam was a dream and a great horror, this is what Jalal al-Sharqawi discovered in me.”

It is noteworthy that this is the last work of artist Samira Abdel Aziz, who appeared on the MBC Egypt Satellite Channel during the last Ramadan season of 2022, the series “West Al-Balat”, and at that time the work received a large audience. Includes its presentation and a huge star gathering at its championship.

Dear viewers, we have shown you the most important details about the news of Samira Abdel Aziz: the first paycheck she received was 136 Beasts, and in this article we will see the Omari show about the “philosopher said” Tod Al-Khaleej, and we hope to see it. We have provided you with all the details in a clear, highly reliable and transparent manner. We look forward to subscribing to you for free through our alert system in your browser or by joining the mailing list, and to provide you with everything new.

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