March 20, 2023

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سمية الخشاب وحمو بيكا

Somaya al-Khashab: Hama Beca The “baby face” is in nature and will be very successful if he acts | News

Artist Somaya Al-Kashab advised festive artist Hamo Bekka while hosting the “Kalam Al-Nass” show hosted by MBC Egyptian media Yasmin Ezal.

Somaya Al-Kashab explained that he was in love with Hama Becca, and met him when Hamo Becca greeted her in a song sung with singer Omar Kamal and came to take a photo with her.

Somaya al-Kashab said: “Hammu is great at photography. I saw him by nature. The baby’s face is very kind and spontaneous and present, and I say that if he is like him, he will be very successful.”

He added, “He has advice from his sister Sumaya al-Iskandaria. You must complete your education. I am now not ashamed to learn new books, read and understand new needs. To increase my awareness and awareness.”

And she continued: “If you do not know how to read and write, do not take this as your weakness.

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