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“Shaping the Future.” A New Strategy for Higher Technical Colleges


Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Chairman of the Education and Human Resources Council and Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, launched the new Strategy for Higher Technical Colleges 2023-2028 titled “We Shaping the Future”.

This happened during His Highness’ visit to the headquarters of the Higher Technical Colleges for Students in Dubai, where His Highness introduced the new strategy.

The new strategy aims to draw a new mission map for the applied education model for colleges in line with the leadership’s guidelines and its vision of developing and preparing the future person. Ensure successful handling of challenges and variables and improve competitiveness to build a sustainable economy.

Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan affirmed that investing in human development has been one of the fundamental constants of the UAE since its establishment and its vision for the future.

He is interested in supporting all development programs and initiatives for higher education institutions aimed at improving the quality of educational services in line with international performance and assessment standards. It caters to the needs of future jobs and priority industries and key sectors of the country.

His Highness emphasized the importance of the new strategic changes implemented by the Higher Technical Colleges, which are keen to balance academic skills with the professional and practical skills required by the labor market, and seek to offer a variety of educational opportunities. Capabilities and individual differences between students, and gives them the opportunity to continue their studies at the higher education level on paths that ensure job opportunities in the labor market according to their skills and tendencies. Hynes praised the focus on complementary work between an academic institution and work organizations from the public and private sectors.

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Sheikh Abdullah bin Saeed Al Nahyan was briefed on the new strategic changes of the Higher Technical Colleges and heard a detailed explanation of the goals of these changes: “Sustainability” and “Integration”.

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