March 31, 2023

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Eleven artists from the Sharjah Ladies Club take part in the “World Art Dubai” event.

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The Sharjah Ladies Club participated for the fourth time in a row in the fifteenth edition of “Dubai World Art Fair”, the most important event of the Dubai Art Season, which took place from 16 to 19 March.

The club is supported by the participation of 11 promising artists through the “Name Art” exhibition, which is one of the most important cultural and art events eager to organize each year to highlight the work of the Creative Emirati Artists Group.

The Sharjah Ladies Club, in collaboration with the Sharjah Commission, organized a workshop for 8 girls trained to design resin watches.

In the new edition of the “World Art Dubai” exhibition, the club showcased new artistic talents that kept pace with the exhibition-led methods of artistic creativity, controlling distance, strengthening art relationships and improving mass communication between artists. By giving art lovers the opportunity to showcase their products to amateurs to buy at a reasonable price.

In this regard, Fatima Al-Nakbi, Assistant Director, Collage Center for Talents, said: “We are proud to be participating in the International Arena for the Arts for the fourth time, such as the Dubai Art Fair. A line of our serious commitment to the promotion of art and culture and to the support of the country’s creative scene. The exhibition is a forum for artists and performers from around the world to exchange new trends and ideas of contemporary art.

He added, “Our participation in the digital media, ink, resin watches and various other arts offered by the Noon Gallery and the Collage Talent Center is diverse, and we are pleased to see the audience and critics’ interactions with the artist’s work.”

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Art Supervisor Sanaa Merchant expressed her delight at the participation of Sharjah Ladies Club artists in the “Dubai World Art Fair” and stressed that this participation focuses on highlighting new faces in the arts. Completely different from the previous ones.

She touched on the intensive training conducted by 8 participants in collaboration with Sharjah Female Mentors, who created successful works in which female participants showcased their talents, which will be on display.

Participants in the exhibition, starting with multimedia and acrylic applications, through Emirati artist Nouf Saeed, expressed various creative experiences such as Pakistani artist Shenzi Al-Sheikh. Natural.

And “Mandalas” art, in which Syrian artist Aya Gnud was heavily involved, presented Australian artist Nevin Majid’s “anatomical series” to highlight minute details, through which he explores beautiful edges. Curves in texts of the Arabic alphabet.

Sudanese artist Ezra Shazar presented a wide range of leather products, “bags and wallets” creatively tailored to the needs of the time, while Sanaa Merchant from Pakistan participated with decorative wood panels covered by various media, while Amal al-Jabi and Aisha from the United Arab Emirates ‘Al Tunzi’ Reviewed, and other artists who provided important creative work were participants.

The “World Art Dubai” exhibition is at the top of the country’s cultural agenda and awaits art lovers with the opportunity to see the best works and modern works from around the world.